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The group was yesterday (Saturday, June 8) in concert on the stage of Werchter Boutique. Here are the impressions of Jean-Paul Smismans.

After Mamas and Papas, "Papys" and "Mamys" are resisting!

A few months ago, Nick Mason, Pink Floyd's drummer, told Classic 21 that, with regard to the possible longevity of a rock band, there were only two models: on the one hand the Rolling Stones with a line-up almost unchanged and one and the same musical direction from the beginning, on the other hand Fleetwood Mac with its risky staff changes and musical changes direction (s) equally risky.

Fleetwood Mac has proven that it is also possible to have several musical careers in one, with, it must be admitted, various successes … But with the release of the box (triple CD) "Fleetwood Mac 50 Years: Do not Stop", The group, which compiles 50 songs celebrating 50 years of existence, proves, by including music from each studio album, that he does not have to blush for his work …

It only remained to prove live that it was still worthwhile to move to enjoy their performance stage. It's done: the party was beautiful and the pleasure shared.

Of course some periods, more "successful" than others, are highlighted, like the albums "Fleetwood Mac" (75), "Tusk" (79) and, in between, the album "Rumors" ( 77) which remains the favorite album of the fans of the second hour, those of the Californian period of the group. "Rumors", which was already the 11th LP of the band, one of the best-selling albums in the world (40 million copies), had cardboard thanks to singles such as "Go Your Own Way", "Dreams", "Don 't Stop' or "You Make Loving Fun", all performed this Saturday night.

But we must admit that the machine is running and may not have finished turning, even if we feel that Christine McVie does not rise as high as before (but it still ensures keyboards) and their advanced age may soon to be a problem (Christine MacVie (75), Stevie Nicks (71), John MacVie (73), Mick Fleetwood (71)). In any case, everything is done in a professional way so that the fans are satisfied: musicians (many) at the top (11 on stage), a repertoire foolproof and a strong dose of nostalgia on the side of the public who sees his idols, some sex-symbols whose image remains forever fixed in our memories.

The two "kids" of Fleetwood Mac's new version are Neil Finn (61 years old, brother of Tim Finn and ex-Split Enz and Crowded House) and Mike Campbell (69 years old, ex-right arm and guitarist of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers). Both found their place in the group; in fact that of Lindsey Buckingham ("Fired" last year). Mike Campbell is the one who catches the eye and revives the successes of the Peter Green era with his mastery of the guitar: "Black Magic Woman" and "Oh Well" have been beautifully interpreted, by the duo Campbell (guitar) and Stevie Nicks (vocals) for "Black Magic Woman" and Mike Campbell solo for "Oh Well".

If Campbell is really the visual center of the group, the leader remains unquestionably Mick Fleetwood who had reserved with his Japanese percussionist Taku Hirano a session that set fire to the plain of Werchter. What a showman, when he is going to challenge him! But even when he stays behind his drums he remains a fabulous entertainer! John MacVie is efficient but extremely discreet.

Apart from the highlights of each big hit, there were also great moments of emotion such as the one that put Neil Finn in the spotlight by allowing him to interpret his "Do not Dream It's Over" with Stevie Nicks . And especially the one that, in the background of many images of Tom Petty and some members of the current Fleetwood Mac, paid a tribute to the fabulous rocker who died prematurely by playing his "Free Fallin '" (released at the time on "Full Moon Fever"). ").

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If the first title of the reminder was the tribute to Tom Petty, the end of the concert ended logically with "Do not Stop" … and while the audience was dispersing, we heard "Albatross" in the background music.

N-B: The keyboard player Ricky Peterson is not outdone either behind his Hammond, nor Neale Heywood behind his guitar!

It was really a beautiful moment shared between a group and its audience, as Mick Fleetwood explained, visibly satisfied with this celebration of musical reunion!

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Photo credits: Benoît Bouchez.

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