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On the road to success Slack is not alone. The California nugget, which was listed on the stock market in New York on Thursday, owes in particular the success of its corporate collaborative messaging to more than 1,500 additional features developed by third parties. For the fluidity of the conversations, they take the form of a virtual interlocutor invited during the dialogues by the real-life employees. Practical, they have quickly been acclaimed by users who find much less competition.

Often referred to as "bots", they also become a way for their publishers to access the 10 million professionals for whom Slack proves to be a daily tool. "It's about integrated services in the discussion rather than a classic drop-down menu", describes Arnaud Rayrole, the managing director of Lecko, a consulting firm in transformation via the digital tools of internal communication of companies.

Well known bots

To archive a note, record an appointment, or share a database extract, these bots multiply. In this jungle, "The Grail is to be part of the section labeled 'Essentials', as are already 38 third-party services"Fabernovel's office noted in a study published last April.

Of these, some names are already well known in the tech world. The Dropbox document storage service, the GitHub source code library and even Microsoft, Slack's competitor, have developed bots to make life easier for the platform's employees. For those, as for PagerDuty and Zoom
– to whom the recent IPO was also very successful -,

their bots remain one way among others to hit their targets.

Three or five dollars a month for a bot on Slack

Others set up companies whose foundations rest almost entirely on Slack. Thus, the start-up Companyons sells on a model of freemium subscription (3 or 7 dollars per month and by user for the paid versions) a succession of several bots designed for Slack.

Similarly, the New York start-up Donut sells for $ 5 a month a subscription to a bot with Slack via the new recruit of a company. The bot even triggers invitations to coffee, or a donut, with new colleagues. Some of his companies have already raised funds, like who last year collected $ 8.4 million in Series A for his bot answering the questions that employees ask about the activity of their businesses.

Unlike an Apple on its App Store, Slack currently levies no commission on the activity of its partners on its platform. But the company is still not profitable.

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