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The 28th edition of Music from here and elsewhere (MIA) opens Saturday night. For one month, this itinerant festival will take place in the public space with fifty concerts but also three residencies of artistic creation, meetings for children, conferences, exhibitions, afters, etc. An engaging and creative event, that everyone will appropriate his way.

Over time, the festival of Musics from here and elsewhere (MIA) has carved a place of choice in the socio-cultural landscape of Marne. And this 28th edition revives the spirit that animates it since its first steps: a quality and clectic programming, discoveries and encounters both artistic and human, an inter-generational approach and accessible to all. All while remaining in the innovation and in the experimental, specifies Patrick Legouix, the director of the association Music on the City. We adapt to the geographic, logistical and political constraints, but we associate the territorial actors to be part of the local life. This year for example, it will be necessary to conjugate with the new configuration of the place of the Republic. The Sunday concerts, rather traditional music, will take place on the forecourt of the Church of St. Alpin. The kiosk that will host the groups on Fridays and some Saturdays has been moved near the Diplomate. Particularity of the MIA: they are also exported in the different districts of Chlons, Fagnires, Vitry-le-Franois, Saint-Martin-on-the-Pr and Sainte-Mnehould. Hence the wealth of partners who support the adventure. They also attract a loyal and very curious public. Regardless of the festival-goers' itineraries, which are very diverse, you can feel each year an extraordinary amount of listening and connivance with the artists. The Chlonnais public follows Vitry, Sainte-Mnehould, and vice versa. It is rather rare.

450,000 euros budget

The event's budget is around 450,000 euros. It's not much, if we report them to concerts and other highlights offered free access for a month. We also value all expenses to arrive at this sum, including the rental by the town hall of the big scene place Foch, detail Anglique Legrand, in charge of production. The salaries of the permanent staff are also taken into account. One third of this money is used to finance the charges and other taxes, two thirds are ddis the artistic. Public support accounts for 70% of the budget. More and more, people make donations to the festival, often spontaneously. has a few thousand euros. The public realizes that we are an associative and non-municipal structure.

Crations for young and old

This year, the MIAs take under their wings three residencies of artistic creation. That of Dreamland, worn by the NEN trio (like Thomas Nguyn, Marcel Ebbers and Mathias Neiss) has already been the subject of three public meetings. It will continue from July 2 to 6 at Place Foch, always accessible to spectators. And on Monday, Romain Changenot alias Goloso floor on his new book-CD, Nothing wax. With four musicians, he will open the ball Thursdays for the little ones on July 4, the school of Verbeau. We will revisit old songs and we will present a first glimpse of the show that will accompany the book, explains the interpreter-composer and multi-instrumentalist. It tells the story of Barefoot, a marginal, or rather an original, who will eventually flee the street to live on the roofs of Chlons. All accompanied by committed messages and special attention to sustainable development. All instruments and decors are made from recycled shoes. We use a hoof for the violin, flip-flops for percussion, boots for the ukull, etc. A local artist also made a shoe more than two meters high! To see to believe it.

Open window to the world

The MIA's journey begins Saturday night and will feature musical projects from around the world. Our philosophy is to compose a sort of landscape of the state of the world through the expression of these contemporary artists, Patrick Legouix recalls. And in a spirit of fraternity. The collective Bim for example, symbolizes the emergence of the current scene in Benin. It is supported by Radio France. In another universe, La Chiva Gantiva (Saturday 9 pm Place Foch) plays funk and rock with Afro-Colombian rhythms, with a crazy energy on stage. Do not miss this Sunday: Lemma, a group of musicians of the Saoura, guardians of traditional choraleic songs she explore with magic. What to escape, assuredly.

28th Festival of Music from here and elsewhere, from Saturday, June 29 to Sunday, July 28 Chlons and elsewhere. Free access. Full program on

Call for volunteers for MIA3J

The call to the volunteers of Musiques sur la Ville to enrich and make live the highlight MIA3J (from 26 to 28 July in the English Jard) is always up to date. Management of refreshments and catering, supervision of space for children, setting up socio-cultural workshops, etc. All initiatives are welcome. Moreover, the program of this mini-festival in the festival is refine. In addition to fourteen concerts at the women's stage, it will include: a theater performance, introductions to women's football and personal defense, exhibitions, debates on the place of women in artistic creation or women's entrepreneurship, showcases, etc. Contact: 03 26 68 47 27,, Facebook page FestivalMusiquesIciAilleurs.

Pink floyd revisit

Every year, the artists welcomed during the MIA are invited to revisit, during their concerts, a flagship title that marked its era. As a kind of red thread, find throughout the festival. This year, Patrick Legouix named Wish you were here, composed in 1975 by Pink Floyd.

Talents from here and from the East

Dedicated to the artists of the Great East, the MIA Afters will be held every Friday and Saturday at Place Foch, in partnership with the Comptoir de la Licorne. They will gather a dozen artists including five chlonnais, long supported by Musiques sur la ville.


The director of Music on the City, Patrick Legouix, the concde: nothing would be possible without the help of the municipal technical services. He also salutes the effort made by the cultural management, to know a supplementary boost of about 8,000 euros on the annual budget of the association. Which is not negligible.

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