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I have been wondering since my high school about the content we studies. Let’s, take into account the History imparted in school to university. Al the books that’s we studies are bias to the British. Why no one have ever try to highlight both side of the coin and completely ignore the other side of the coin?
Well, I feel the bias is toward the might Crown of Britain. I began to question and I feel that if you are strong, have the money, you can be an angel like, where there will be none to questions.
Looking into many Authors from our text, they are mostly from the Free Mason Society.
Continuing on my quest for an answer, I got bang, here is all the answer. The world is run by the Illuminati Corporate society.
Now, I have no doubt why they have to impart false. Well its simple and clear. They want to mind control the people.
I believe that Pink Flod does write it lyrice in a kind of parable, and they know too that we are being deceptive by false education.

Education itself contradict itself, Science and Math contradict itself. According to Science we live on a Ball Earth, where as using Math formula, it’s impossible to imply on Globe Earth. Is Angle of Elevation in Geometry is wrong or is science is wrong?

Science told us, the sun is 93 millions mile away from earth, where are the sun rays when calculated with the help of Angel of Elevation using geometry, surprisingly it show the Sun cannot be more than 4 thousand miles.

Why all time false news on BBC and CNN?
In short, for the benefit of their Govt and to mind control its people. Well many people accept it as gospel truth what they are being feed and does not have the courage, ability to even raise a question, but to accept it.

I believe the Pink Floyd is talking about the Great White Wall and False Education imparted world wide to mind control people. Yes, they know too since a decades back.

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