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artist Pink Floyd
Author / s Roger Waters
sex progressive rock
engraving The dark side of the moon
dated March 24, 1973
label harvest (United Kingdom)

Capitol (United States)

duration 2:06
The dark side of the moon – tracks

eclipse is a song music the British musical group Pink Floyd, eighth final track studio album The dark side of the moon, published March 24, 1973 by Harvest records.

02:06 lasting, the song is sung by Roger Waters and was originally the title of the album. The song is also the continuation, from the melodic point of view, the previous track, Brain Damage. The song accompanied the "creation" and lighting of the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony of the XXX Olympic Games in London in 2012

the song

Musical structure

The drums played by Nick Mason, walking on the theme of music Brain Damage, introduce the song; Immediately after chords with the Richard Wright keyboard and David Gilmour's electric guitar arpeggio, Roger Waters accompanies the voice and the background voice. The music ends when the last verse is sung, followed by the heartbeat that closes the song and links to it (ideally) for Talk to me. A few seconds after the start of these beats feels imperceptible guardian voices from Abbey Road Studios that says:


"There is no dark side in the moon, really. Indeed, he is all black. The only thing that makes the fire appear is the sun. "


"In fact, there is no dark side of the moon. In fact, he is all black. The only thing that makes his gaze clear is the sun. "

(Gerry O'Driscoll)


The lyrics of the song sums up with a metaphor while concept album. In short, the text says, "Everything you do, all around you under the sun He is listening, but the sun is overshadowed by the moon."

Since many critics attribute to the title of the album ('Dark Side of the Moon' literally, 'Dark Side of the Luna'-) closer links with human madness (with the Moon meaning the spirit of the man) that not with the astronomy itself, the text takes a sense in which the man appears as the element which ruins the perfect cohesion of the environment in which he lives.

Although the sentence quoted above Gerry O'Driscoll takes a similar meaning: not everything is as it seems: in fact, the visible face of the Moon seems to shine on itself. In fact, this is not true because, in fact, "the whole moon is dark. "

Other versions

  • The song of the album Live pulse and it is sung by David Gilmour instead of Roger Waters.
  • This version of the collection works It is about 30 seconds longer.

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