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Pink Floyd Tucson sounds: Of Moose and Men – Pink Floyd
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Julie Jennings Patterson


It’s your friendly neighborhood music scribe’s job, among other things, to stay aware of notable happenings and unusual phenomena within our local music community. So when posts began appearing late last week for a show supposedly taking place at Plush/Flycatcher this weekend, she knew that she must put on her investigative journalism hat and dig deep to find out who was behind this mysterious event and why it might be set to take place in a venue that was recently reduced to a vacant lot covered in debris.

The band hosting the gig appeared to be a Tucson-based Norwegian black metal band called Nightmoose, otherwise known as Knightmus, Knytemus, Night Moose, Knightmoose, Nightmööse, or possibly Knightmööse.

It became apparent quickly that this band most certainly consists of real people and is a very serious musical entity and is not at all a ridiculous heavy-metal parody band in the style of Dethklok or Spinal Tap. Nor could the band possibly be an elaborate in-joke perpetuated amongst former Plush and Flycatcher staffers for, say, a good seven years or so.

With all of that settled, your reported felt assured that this event would definitely take place as planned at precisely the appointed hour, give or take time for a sound check. Never mind that the venue hosting it has been reduced to a pile of construction rubble in a now depressingly empty lot on Fourth Avenue.

With these iron clad facts at my side and a thirst for thorough and accurate reporting, your trusty scribe dusted off her magic mirror, threw saving rolls of 18 and 16 on a pair of twenty sided dice and summoned…er, messaged the band. Soon she was admitted exclusive entrance to the secret underground lair of…

…the Nightmoose.

TucsonSentinel.com: I have to say, I’m quite honored to have been offered entry into the elusive Nightmoose band lair. Is this your hellbeast with the…dozen heads? Can I pet him or her? It’s a really adorable beast, once you get used to it, I suppose. I’m sure it won’t try to eat me or anything, right?

Hellbeast head number #111 (Nightmoose member and band spokesperson): “Technically, it’s nine heads. We’re called 000, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888, and 999, respectively. I am the hellbeast head known as 111.”

111: “You can pet each and every one of us at your own risk. No promises, no demands. Moose is a battlefield.”

TS: Many have heard legends and whispers of your existence but in your own words, how did the band come to be?

111: “In THIS realm, it was one fateful night at the Taco Shop. The super nachos were angry that day. The hot salsa graced our forked tongues, and we knew we would never be alone again.”

: “NIGHTMOOSE delves deep into mental telepathy to search for vulnerable heathens. While 111 was not incorrect, in the bowels’ fire there is no pause for the weak and we thirst for the healthiest and most Americanly form of bodies.”

TS: One thing I almost always ask local bands is what their origin story is. I suppose Nightmoose is local enough in this incarnation. Who are the members of the band and how did they come to join this unholy brotherhood?

222: “The aforementioned 3 digit underlings are united in the Nightmoose. All nine members have a penchant for twisted darkness, Sonoran cuisine, and the unknown. Our supreme being 666 is the master of all riffs that flow through us, like a blood river from forgotten times.”

: “We must ask you to not look at 444 in the eyes. Your soul has been spared to even be allowed to conduct such an elusive interview.  We all must respect 444 wishes and commands.

888: “444 is the newest constituent of blood. Don’t fear 444. It’s merely locked in time, tuned to ward off the most innocent of souls. A gargoyle for the fire.”

TS: Uh…that’s cool. But tell me. Are any Tucson folks available who might have witnessed the band in person and lived to tell the tale?

333: “Our lair, the Dungeon of Despair, the Land before Odd Time, the Den of Destruction, the Infinite Mooseknuckle, etc. (which may or may not be located within the haunted walls of Pennington practice space) has born a few believers in the dark force of Nightmoose. They all took an oath, and were sworn to secrecy, due to the forbidden power of our sacrilegious riffs.”

444: “In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritu…”

: “STÄP!”

TS: So, let me ask something else I ask all the bands. What are some of your favorite live band moments of all time?

111: “Perhaps that time Axl Rose said ‘Gimme some reggae’ and proceeded to dance around like the impish child he was. If only Slash had run in our circle, he could’ve understood the true power of rock and roll.”

444: “There are no bands. There is no publication. There never has and never will be government. NIGHTMOOSE IS CODE.”

: “Preaching and teaching the darkest power to all that came before and will be.”

TS: Perhaps. May I ask, though, the burning question of the hour. Are you really planning to play live in the rubble of Plushcatcher?

222: “If you book them, they will come. Only thing I’m planning tonight, though, is to block out the deafening screams in my head with some sludgey power chords.”

888: “We emerged from the ruins of ancient ‘folk’ with a thirst to swallow all surrounding bodies. We must collect and stack to shadow the NIGHTMOOSE in the dread of night.”

: “We ask you again to please not look at 444 in the eyes. We understand your question and you must understand that if one was born to die, it shall never live forever.”

TS: So…maybe? If you do play, will it be like that time Pink Floyd played live in the ruins of Pompeii?

333: ‘Perhaps, but our version of Echoes actually lasts for all eternity, not a wee 23.5 minutes.”

: “We were the reason the lava and ash allowed ‘Pink Floyd’ to ‘perform’ in our abolishment of society. We tried. We failed. And we shall try again.”

TS: Moving on, then. Is it possible that the destruction of Plushcatcher was actually just a radical stage remodel in preparation for the show?

111: “I don’t know where you’re getting your information from, but we would never be that transparent. In fact, I suspect the Facebook event was created by one of our faithless followers. That doesn’t mean the Moose won’t still haunt the night.”


: “We have never needed a stage. This realm has been our playground for sacrifice and bloodlust.”

TS: This sounds pretty metal. Is this the most metal thing ever to metal?

222: “Can metal even be defined? Is it a state of mind? Are WE just dust in the wind? Or are we just rubble without a cause? I wouldn’t want to be pigeonholed, or even mooseholed, but that’s what the media does. It’s just too bad they’re not immortal like us.”

888: “In our teachings, we have influenced many throughout time. For example: King Diamond, Death, Noisem, William Taft, Todd Bonzalez, Bobson Dugnutt, Nikola Tesla, Buzz Aldrin…”

TS: Pretty sure that some of those names were just generated by a neural network and aren’t real bands. With that being said, however, I certainly wouldn’t want to moosehole anyone! What might be more metal than Nightmoose?

333: “The bands we inspire. The future heathen Moose babies of 3020. They say only 10,000 people bought the Velvet Underground’s first album but they all started a band. While we may have only printed and sold one copy of our first album, ‘The Blood Moose Rises,’ as legend has it, the kid who bought it started 10,001 bands. And that kid was the son of Lou Reed, or something. I think his name was Lou Reed Junior.”

TS: Ok, that last thing is most definitely not true. But carry on. Are  the rumors true that Red Room and Grill didn’t really go out of business but were in fact swallowed by flames after a secret Nightmoose show opened a Hellmouth in Downtown?

111: “We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning since the moose was stirring. But 777 once asked for cheese on their tots, and ironically there was hell to pay.

TS: And what about the rumour that the former Cans Deli was almost likewise destroyed before it was saved just in the nick of time by a sprinkling of holy donut water?

222: “We’d like to think it was the canned doo doo gravy from the former U.S. Fries that cursed that place forever more. Poutine was not a part of Nightmoose’s routine.”

13) Oh no…please don’t release the hellbeast upon me! I asked too many questions, didn’t I? May the gods have mercy on my soul..

333: “Don’t think we didn’t catch your magic 13 questions. Numerology clearly runs deep in the realm of the Moose. We couldn’t curse anyone who respects that.”

TS: Lucky 13.

111: We demand bonus questions.

TS: OK. Here’s a bonus question.Where, if anywhere, are you from?

111: “The question isn’t where, but WHEN are we from. And the answer to that would involve script from an ancient dimension’s civilization so far advanced, that human beings could never transcribe it (nor would they want to.) For the truth is so complex, if you found out, your mind and body would collapse upon itself, leaving behind only the scattered guts of your mortal remains. As far as where, Tucson is just the end of one of our future beginnings. Which is to say, we rode a wormhole to get here, and the Mexican food was so good, we never left.”

15: How would you describe your genre of music?

222: “We wouldn’t, if we had a choice, but some have called us Baroque-Sonoran Post-Metal. But it’s impossible to define an intangible thing; I wonder why people keep trying.”

TS: I think I once had a pair of earrings made of Baroque Sonoran post metal. Anything else to share?

111: “Thank you for stepping into the darkness with us. No soul will escape once we are done.”

TS: That’s a shame, because there are some really great shows to catch this weekend.

: “I believe 444 took over the entire interview and nothing is real and everything is a construct. Don’t listen to your politicians or praise your paychecks. NIGHTMOOSE IS LAW. NIGHTMOOSE IS SHEPHERDS. YOU ARE SHEEP. COME TO OUR PUBLIC OFFERING.”

TS: So…does that mean the gig is on or not?

Nine-Headed Hellbeast (in unison) : “Nightmoose out!”

TS: I’m a little bit confused. But, thanks for the interview!

Knightmööse and/or Nightmoose will allegedly play Plush and/or Flycatcher at an unspecified time this weekend. in spite of said venue no longer existing. If you choose to attend and no such show occurs within the mortal realm, be certain that the show is still happening, just in an alternate dimension or something like that.

This ‘Gig for Joe’ is sure to be a Ball

TucsonSentinel.com: Tell us about the backstory for the event and the Gigs for Joe Fanning effort.

Andrea Buttrick (Manager, Little Cloud): “About a year ago, Julie Vernon, co-owner of Crooked Tooth Brewery, an all around badass and vibrant community leader, was diagnosed with brain cancer. We wanted to be there for her the same way she and her husband Ben have been there for so many musicians and artists, creating a space for us to share our gifts and creative passions (and drink delicious and intention filled beer.) We landed on the idea of ‘Gigs for Julie’ which was an invitation to local bands to choose a gig they already had scheduled and donate the payout to Julie Vernon’s GoFundMe. Ultimately, we were able to raise $3,000 from bands just doing what they do naturally.”

“Since the community was so responsive and inspired to help during the Gigs for Julie project, we immediately reinvigorated it when our friend and bandmate Joe Fanning was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. Thus began ‘Gigs for Joe Fanning.'”

“Like Julie, Joe is a vibrant and joyful member of our the Tucson community. Additionally, he is a spectacularly talented guitarist, playing in Carnivaleros, his own band Cassette Culture, and the beloved band that I manage, Little Cloud. Joeʼs guitar playing style is like being invited into this completely engaging, playful, knock your socks off musical conversation, after which you are going to get a high five and a hug.”

TS: How is Joe doing so far with his treatment? And what hurdles are still left to overcome?

AB: “Joe has been through an initial emergency surgery, which took place two days after his testicular cancer was diagnosed. Then came a series of tests and scans, more decision making, what ifs, and should weʼs and, basically, information overload. The good news is that blood tests ruled out more serious possibilities. But now Joe is in the wait, watch, test and repeat stage of diagnosis and treatment. With each test comes another bill, more worrying, more what ifs, and more hard decisions. Joe and his wife Misty are as gracefully as possible “gutting it out” but what they’re going through right now is  far from easy and far from over.

TS: I think it’s safe to say that Tucson’s music community is rooting for them right now! How can people help?

AB: “If you are in a band, or know a band, or have seen a band, ask them to consider donating a payout from one of their regularly scheduled gigs to Joeʼs GoFundMe, which is called ‘Joe Fanningʼs Medical Bills from Testicular Cancer.’ Donations made there are endlessly appreciated and will be needed on a continual basis over the next year and that’s also where individuals can donate to the cause.”

“Additionally, you can ask your favorite venue or watering hole if they would be willing to donate a percentage of the bar on a certain night. Another way you can support the effort is to attend a Gig for Joe event, especially if you can bring a few friends. And, super importantly, Joe has requested extra hugs!”

TS: You mentioned the earlier Gigs for Julie effort, and now Gigs for Joe. What do you think about the way Tucson artists and musicians tend to rally in support of of their own when the chips are down?

AB: “Ah, hell, this music community is amazing at honoring the inspiration and talent experienced in each other. Musicians pursue every opportunity to play with each other by sharing a stage, swapping band members, or experimenting with new projects. Venues do the same with brewing collaborations, themed events, hosting benefits. Any chance to create, celebrate and show up for each other. The magic of a project like Gigs for Joe is that it recognizes the gifts we naturally have to offer each other and creates a space for those offerings. So no matter what, through the daily trials and tribulations, we do this together.”

“Every time I get a notification that another band wants to donate a gig payout, my faith is restored. And Iʼm super looking forward to the ‘All for One and One for Ball’ benefit for Joe this Sunday at Tap and Bottle. Itʼs going to be epic!”

TS: Tell us about the benefit. Who all is playing and how did it all come about?

AB: “Mark Febbo and Oscar Fuentes (aka Febbo Fuentes) took inspiration from our Gigs for Joe campaign and initiated a benefit event using the motto and hashtag ‘All for One and One for Ball!’ Thanks to the two of them, and to Tap and Bottle, who are both hosting and publicizing the event, we were able to put together a local all star lineup for the show. There are a total of seven local bands volunteering to play the All for One and One for Ball Benefit for Joe Fanning: Golden Boots, Loveland, Strange Vacation, Heroes Reunion, The Bennu, Billy Sedlmayr, and Febbo Fuentes.”

“Besides the music, we also have almost twenty works of art donated by local Tucson artists for the ‘ball’-themed silent auction. I promise you, the artists have been very creative in representing and interpreting the term ‘ball!’

TS: It sounds kind of like a tiny Tucson Live Aid! The art aspect sounds pretty interesting as well.

AB: “We owe special thanks to Terra Love, the artist who created the cover art for Little Cloudʼs recently released CD, ‘Four of Cups.’ Terra’s cohort of artists at Spectral Art Studios are donating a bunch of paintings and some earrings to the auction. Marigold Art has also donated a tattoo session, Bookmans is donating a ukulele and Loveland Bandʼs Kristine Stoner contributed hand-painted tiles. Brenda Huettner, a technical manual writer and NASA ambassador, has donated a framed piece creatively and hilariously interpreting the ball theme. Local artist and music fan Sarah Hamilton has donated a custom painted guitar with a special connection to Joe. PopCycle will donate a couple pieces from their store too and Jonica Butcher of Little Cloud is donating a canvas piece of art crafted in her signature multi media, multi materiality style. Bidding for the auction begins at 3 p.m. at Tap & Bottle while  the music itself will run from about 4 to 9 p.m.”

TS: What else should people know about the event?

AB: “The All for One and One for Ball Benefit for Joe Fanning takes place this Sunday, August 4 at Tap and Bottle. There’s a suggested door donation of $10 but all are welcome and no one will be turned away. In addition to the ‘ball-themed’ art auction and music, there will be really delicious food from the Curry Pot food truck, which will be parked in front of the venue.”

“Besides hosting the event itself, Tap and Bottle will be donating 10 percent of bar sales all day on Sunday, August 4, to the Gigs for Joe cause, so if you canʼt make the actual benefit, you can still help if you swing by and make your beer and wine purchases for the week that day.”

“Details about the event can be found on the Gigs for Joe Fanning Facebook page, on Tap and Bottleʼs Facebook, Instagram pages, or at www.thetapandbottle.com.

All for One and One for Ball – a Benefit for Joe Fanning takes place Sunday, August 4, from 3 – 9 p.m. at Tap and Bottle in Downtown Tucson. Music begins at 4 p.m.

These boots are made for flying…

Golden Boots Dmitri Manos recently told the Tucson Sentinel to ‘go fly a kit.’

Well, ok, it wasn’t quite as harsh as it sounds. Golden Boots and friends are supporting Manos at local vintage clothing store How Sweet It Was with a decidedly kite and bat(!?!) themed event.

TucsonSentinel.com: Kites? Bats? Music? Tell us more!

Dimitri Manos (Golden Boots): “The event is an art show I’m doing at How Sweet It Was Vintage entitled ‘Up To Bat.’ The opening is on Saturday, August 3, it’s free and will have a live music set by Golden Boots and records spun by DJ Ponytail Cruiser.”

“The show is a 3D installation homage to Baby Bat toy kites. Instead of using plastic, these non-flying art versions are made of salvaged cardboard and copies of Buyer’s Edge.”

“For extra entertainment, Golden Boots will be performing as a post-skiffle trio with Ryen Eggleston and me on guitars, plus Ben Schneider on drums. Expect a half-hour of unsound and borderline-unsafe attempts at pop music. We will be playing songs from our new 7″ EP ‘Circuit Bored’ which was recently recorded at Midtown Island and we will have a few copies available at the art show. I will also have LPs and cassettes of my solo projects American Monoxide and Fungus Wand. DJ Ponytail Cruiser, who rules, will be filling in the rest of the evening spinning records.”

This show is part of the How Sweet It Was monthly art party series. How Sweet It Was is located in the old Toxic Ranch location at 424 E 6th Street just off Fourth Avenue.

Up To Bat: An Art Party w/ live music by Golden Boots takes place Saturday, August 3, at 7 p.m. at How Sweet It Was Vintage.

Check your local listings…

Friday, Aug 2

  • A.A. Bondy – 7 p.m. Club Congress
  • Hank Topless Band, Michael Monroe Goodman – 7 p.m. Congress Plaza
  • Lydia Can’t Breathe with A Light Divided – 8 p.m. House of Bards
  • Pedro y Los Lîricos – 8 p.m. Exo Bar Tucson
  • Sam & Dante – 6 p.m. Westbound

Saturday, Aug 3

  • Seanloui – 10 p.m. Che’s Lounge
  • Harry and the Potters, Live at the Library – 5 p.m. Flowing Wells Library
  • Blackfoot – 7 pm. Encore
  • Up To Bat Art Party w/ Golden Boots – 7 p.m. How Sweet It Was
  • Experience Your Destination – 7 p.m. Rialto Theatre
  • M. Crane Album Release Party with Night Weather – 7 p.m. Club Congress
  • Los Diablos Allbum Release – 8 p.m. Irene’s Holy Donuts
  • Tradiciones – 8 p.m. Exo
  • GLOW – Tribute to Madonna – 10 p.m. The Hut

Sunday, Aug 4

  • Kevin Pakulis – 7 p.m. Che’s Lounge
  • All for One and One for Ball – Joe Fanning Benefit – 3 p.m. Tap & Bottle

Monday, Aug 5

  • Jeremey Michael Cashman and the Wooden Hearts – 9 p.m. Elliot’s on Congress

Wednesday, Aug 7

  • Gauche w/ Mudpuppy and Flor De Nopal – 7 p.m. Club Congress

Thursday, Aug 8

  • Banana Gun w/ Wyves – 7 p.m. Club Congress

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