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DAY 2 – A crazy program for the second day at the Route du Rock: DC Fountains, Idles, Pond, Tame Impala … Rock in all its forms.

Absolute favorites in rock. I mean, a real love at first sight … it does not happen to me often. With DC Fountains, it was a crush on first listen. Upon the release of the single "Hurricane Laughter", then confirmed by the release of the album "Dogrel", jewel post-punk concentrate anti-dated. The album could have been released at the time of Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Echo and the Bunnymen. Obviously there was a lot of waiting. But no disappointment. The band goes on stage at 19h20 pétantes.

Grian Chatten is the one who catches all the attention. The charismatic singer and songwriter is like a lion in a cage and his gestures – do not displease him – reminds one of the late Ian Curtis. He debates his litanies hanging on his microphone, when he does not walk up and down the stage, his eyes a little crazy. The set of DC Fountains. will be short, a little over half an hour, but intense and furious. The time to go through the already famous titles of their short discography: "Sha Sha Sha", "Big", "Chequeless Reckless", "Boys in the Better Land" … Eight titles and then goes away. It did not stop the public from moving on.

Idles, furious madness

What more can I say about Idles. Everything has already been said. That a concert of this furious band is crazy and jubilant? That their rage is euphoric. That the energy that emerges from their set is contagious. Can we also say that Mark Bowen and Lee Kiernan are still so excited? That the lyrics of their songs ("Samaritans", "Danny Nedelko", "Mother", "Love Song", "Divide and Conquer") have a cathartic effect? Or how good is it to scream "I'm Scum"? What singing Whitney Houston slamming on the crowd is the most punk thing to do in the festival?

That Joe Talbot's vociferations can turn any audience into boiling waves? It's always true. And at Fort Saint-Père, that was it again. Despite the tours, despite the miles swallowed, Idles always gives as much, with the same pleasure, the same passion, the same exaltation. At the Rock Route, the festival-goers were entitled to a small bonus: Fountains DC joined their big brother on stage on "Rottweiler".

The great mass of Tame Impala

There are two schools when it comes to Tame Impala. There are those who love madness and those who find that it does not arouse any interest. Tastes and colors, is not it? Speaking, of colors, Tame Impala had put the package. To get into the world of Australian Kevin Parker, the scenography was heavily illuminating lights: the scene is drowned in a whirlwind of red lights, blue, green and twenty lasers way Pink Floyd. The screens also project kaleidoscopic videos just to be totally fitting. Ambience psychedelism thoroughly.

So no, watching Tame Impala members on stage is not very interesting. There are not millions of things happening. On the other hand, to appreciate their concert, you have to accept to be carried away by this particular music. By the dreamy voice of Kevin Parker, hypnotic melodies, rhythmic and metronomic impulses and cosmic lurching. Tame Impala plunges the audience of the Rock Road into euphoria. He lets himself be carried by "Patience", "Boderderline", "It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards", "Eventually", "Led Zeppelin", "The Less I Know the Better". This boat, it dances. it's laughing. It's music that makes you happy.

Tame Impala was not the only Australian band of the day. They boarded Pond with them. The two formations know each other very well, for a long time the members were interchangeable. Nick Allbrook was the bassist of Tame Impala before devoting himself fully to Pond. More crazy, more funk and less interstellar than the buddies of Perth, Pond also carries an audience dotted in the confines of the sweet madness. Blame it on Nick Allbrook, puppet dislocated gesture unique.

Black Midi … we go

Take a jackhammer. Add the loud tears of a child on the train and the Monday morning fire alarm … Mix all that. It's always more audible than the concert of Black Midi. (But that's only my opinion, huh)

Texts: Sabine Bouchoul / Photos: Morgane Milesi

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