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The Holi (my) days of the Supersonic come back this year under a different look! In 2017, you were given an appointment every Monday of summer for concerts outside the walls. This year, the meeting will be held directly at Supersonic to listen to a mythical album played live and in full.

Pink Floyd's "Dark side of the Moon" played by LLOYD

Forerunner of a rock with ultra-sophisticated musical concepts, Pink Floyd emerged in the late 60's as the undisputed master of progressive rock. The Dark Side of the Moon will sound the beginning of a trilogy that draws the contours of the group's apogee. The highly complex production supports the "creative crises" of Gilmour and Waters, and makes this masterpiece the major asset of 70s rock. Flagship title of the album, "Money" does not reflect the content of this one but will nevertheless allow him to meet a colossal commercial success.

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