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Despite the loss of his dad when he was 13 years old, the reporter and presenter of "Pass me the twins" has never lost his happiness. Passionate about mountaineering, singing, literature and adventure, he unveils himself and takes us on a bike ride through the Jura Bike for the start of the season. Forward all!

In Môtiers, commune of Val-de-Travers, in the cultural café A Côté, the walls are covered with 33 and 45 turns. Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones rub shoulders with Gilbert Bécaud or the BO of "Mechanical Orange". A pinball machine and a jukebox complete the seventies decor. At the time of the café-croissant, Matthieu Fournier, 31, journalist and new face of "Pass the Binoculars" ("PAJU") on the RTS fights a hay fever with great handkerchiefs when his eyes are attracted by the cover of an album of Johnny. The rocker makes a showdown with a girl who puts his hand to the crotch. This singular image will be the last before taking the road.

At 8:30 am, you have to go swallow his 50 kilometers daily, 800 to 1400 meters of altitude difference. From Basel to Nyon, the mountain bike Jura Bike is on the program for the start of the season. Friday's show, with its 40.8% market share, leaves the peaks behind. But in plain, the reporter in tracking also pays of his person. A graphical work to find the postcard images, the trademark of the magazine case of Friday.

With or without a beard?

Blaise Kormann

Last June, on his mountain bike, the journalist surveyed surveyed the Jura Bike, the red thread of the season.

This is the opportunity to know a little more about this boy whose appearance has startled a television viewer as soon as it appears. "What's this bad-haired hair?" The message of welcome to the novice hid a second so little brings: "Who's this unshaven hair?" If Matthew has fun, for three weeks it shows a face glabrous.

Emphasizing horizontality and verticality requires so much effort. In winter, it took five hours to reach the bivouac with an outside temperature sometimes bordering -20 degrees. Here, it is pedaling in the middle of June in heat +30. Soft mobility and ecology oblige, it moves in mountain bike without electric assistance. His friend, assistant director Thibaut Kahlbacher, precedes him by car.

In PAJU, images are inseparable from words, and Matthew delights in them. "Walking and driving is already writing," he says. The introspective texts of young Valaisan add to the zenith of the program.

Between tradition and modernity

With him, the show has one foot in the tradition and the other in the modernity. Unwittingly, he shares with Benoît Aymon the same intonations and claims a geek side. At the front of his cycle, he installed a subjective Osmo camera, and his iPhone serves him both as a guide and a notebook.

"He never stops. Always to send a message, "says Thibaut Kahlbacher at the lunch break in front of a dish of röstis house at the Baronne alp bar, not far from the majestic panorama of Creux-du-Van.

Blaise Kormann

"In this picture, I must be 4 years old. We often climbed Arbaz and Arolla. My father encouraged me from the top and reassured me when I found the emptiness too impressive. "

At the beginning of the year, Matthieu Fournier put forward his love and his knowledge of the mountains. "My father was a teacher – French, math – and a guide. He introduced me when I was 4 years old. I would have liked to have a lot of heights with him, but he disappeared when I was 13. "The illness took the whole family by surprise, his mother, general practitioner, his brothers and sister. "He had time to sow seeds that grew in me."

The escape begins with reading

He is of a fundamentally happy nature. "When you lose your father so young, it is almost the threshold of misfortune. The rest, you relativize it. It puts a very different cursor on the things you live. I do not worry a lot about life. "

The taste of mountaineering has never left it. "What I love and what I'm looking for is the meeting with myself, peace in silence. We're like an ant on a pile of spruce needles. You feel both tiny and huge. "

"The school of renunciation"

He likes to quote Jacques Richon, surgeon, guide and rescuer at Air Glaciers. "The mountain," he says, "is the school of renunciation. It was of enormous importance to me when my father passed away. My mother felt that I wanted to continue climbing. The summer of my 14 years, she registered me at a camp with him. It is the opposite of the philosophy of the Alpine Club. "In 2005, Matthieu was 16 when they went to Ladakh. "I continued to follow him until 23 years old."

A paternal figure of substitution? "Intellectually, yes. I liked to confront my ideas with his, very anti-conventional. He liked to question our certainties as teens. "


Matthieu also expresses himself in vocalises. "As a child, I went down the Mont-Fort to go to the hut of Louvie singing alone. People would meet me, laugh and applaud. "He was part of Friborg's Arsis choir. But with her new responsibilities and family life – a lyrical singing wife and a 1-year-old boy – he had to give up.

For him, the escape began with reading while following a scientific track. "Strong Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics." At 16, he wrote his first poem. "I had it titled" The greatest of travels ". I evoked death. I think I got 5.5. The desire to write has materialized. I always blacken notebooks. "

Blaise Kormann

Mattieu Fournier notes his impressions in notebooks to prepare these interventions in the show.

The books accompany him on vacation: "First Jojo Rabbit. My father listened to Ferrat, Brel and Brassens, whose words I loved. "Later, between" The Lord of the Rings "and Harry Potter, he is marked by" The Children of the Earth "by Jean M. Auel. "Prehistoric fiction has made all my sexuality," he says, evoking the heroine Ayla. The saga sees it grow over the episodes. "His first love was three pages long. It was educational, laughs Matthew. With the advantage of being written by an author. She explained all that must be done to make a woman happy. "This year, on the Jura roads," The three musketeers "were his traveling companions. "Dumas was the nineteenth century Netflix!"

Tastes and smells

Through PAJU, he likes to evoke the smells that surround him, the taste of things. In the mountains, while the nose is anesthetized by the cold, he rediscovers that of an apple, a thawed glacier. This time, it's the song of nature, the symphony of birds, a deer suddenly in front of his wheel, an absinthe fountain at the bend of a path.

More trivial, the pleasure of a descent after a false dish, when one has full legs and badly to the rear or the bitumen melts under the wheel. Each time, it's about finding the right word. "I love Proust when he compares the steeple of a church to joined hands that pray."

Author in the making?

Would this Fournier be an author in the making? "Two years ago, I started writing a short story. I have 16 pages, the guiding idea and a title: "Destroyers of the world". It would take me months. It will be close to Boris Vian. In "The Heartbreaker", children steal after eating blue slugs. I like this offbeat universe. "

Blaise Kormann

"I've been collecting notebooks since I was 16," says Fournier. I must have about twenty. A funny track of the evolution of my writing. "

An abortive priest vocation …

Matthieu Fournier could have become a priest. "I had a mystical phase at 10 years." The Bible and religion discovered in comics. "We had a missionary visit in class. They worked in the favelas in Colombia and showed us how children lived, by collecting bottle caps made of PET. They received 50 centimes by bringing back a huge bag. "At the end of the class, he took out his wallet and paid all his savings. A full handful of coins of 20 cents. "Take it, it will serve them more than me," he told them.

Two months later, he received a picture. "A family had bought a bag of rice and four cans of oil with my money. She thanked me, it impressed me tremendously. I wanted to do that: help these people. "But there was a disadvantage. "Being a priest, you could not kiss the girls anymore, and that had been problematic …"

Reconciling science and the human

At 18, he wondered how to reconcile science and the human, will try medicine before discovering "Into the Wild", the film by Sean Penn. It's the click. "I thought I wanted something similar. I worked a winter at the Bertol cabin and I left on an old bike too small to my confirmation. "Destination Belgium, where he landed at his maternal grandparents. "In two weeks, I camped in the forests, the refreshments of football fields, I knocked at the people to sleep in their garden." These escapements it likes so much that it will start again every year with a friend of childhood, by bike or canoe. His mother does not worry about it. "As a family we used the roots camper, five weeks in Turkey, Greece or Morocco, never a hotel."

On his return, this native of Veysonnaz chose to write letters to Friborg, seduced by the intelligence of Simone de Reyff. "She taught literary history from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century."

At the same time, to make pocket money, he made several entries at the invitation of Vincent Fragnière, editor-in-chief of the Nouvelliste, who directs him to the local channel Canal 9. "I had to film the goals of the matches of football. "He prides himself on the game and also realizes reports. "My license in my pocket, I had already done 87 subjects. I could start as JRI (journalist reporter images, ed.). "

Fjords and peaks

With these qualities, Matthieu Fournier was cut for PAJU. By the way, what would be his ideal destination? "Fjords: a presentation on a boat. We would go in sealskin at the water level, we would go up to 2000 m and we would go down again on skis. In a wild place where there is no access, house or road, the experience must be beautiful, "he says in St. Croix (VD) before a glass of absinthe Poets. The following, he already knows: "In 2020, we will be on the highest peaks of every Swiss canton." Guaranteed escape.

Blaise Kormann

At the alpine chalet La Baronne, after a meal of rösti, Matthieu and Thibaut Kahlbacher, assistant director, study on the map the stages between Basel and Nyon.

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