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It is this Saturday that will end the summer season vielmurois with a last appointment, or more exactly a double appointment. The afternoon will see on the parking of the gymnasium Jean-Louis-Etienne the forum of the associations whereas by way of closing the committee of the festivals will propose the third edition of the Vielfest. The twelfth edition of the Forum des associations will take place from 2 pm to 6 pm This event is an opportunity to take the pulse of the associative dynamism of the village and learn about the various activities that are proposed, to attend demonstrations and of course to join the associations for the year that begins. In case of bad weather, the event will be moved to the multipurpose room.

For three years the forum has been completed by the Vielfest, a small music festival organized by the festival committee where amateur artists come to discover their passion. The restoration can be done on site with a famous Spanish inn and the famous "frites-sausages" of the organizers.

The opening of the festival will take place at 19:00. As for the program it is already very dense with an opening at 7:30 pm with the rap duo "Trash Poubelle" before finding on stage the author, composer and performer Daniel Cantalupo shortly after 8 pm. The artist has integrated duets of varieties, trios, rock bands, blues, jazz and orchestras as a singer-guitarist. At 9 pm there will be a Djembes show.

The evening will then include four highlights with the pop / rock group Toulouse acoustic "Basil" around 22 h. Created at the end of 2013, there are strong English roots, from Beatles to Blur, Pink Floyd and Radiohead. The band The Tribe is defined as "a local band" mixing Blues, Rock and Country. Around midnight the garage rock band in French (mostly) and in English (sometimes) Dodger will tread the scene vielmuroise. The festival will end with DJ Clems.

Throughout the evening the festival committee is ready to welcome on stage artists who want to sing or play. It will be enough to address the bar.

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