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Beyond the caricatures around "Brazilian trans", it is important to focus on the daily difficulties and the violence they suffer. Exclusion from the world of work, discrimination and multiple humiliations in schools and health, physical and moral violence … As stated in the report on UOL, while Brazil is the " the world's largest consumer of pornography involving transvestites (89% more than the global average according to the RedTube website) (…) (Brazil) is the country that kills the most transvestites and transsexuals (four times more than the second country) in the list, Mexico) according to the NGO Transgender Europe ".

In the video below, in addition to the issue of prostitution, discrimination and difficulties in integrating into the labor market are discussed, which in turn pushes many trans people into prostitution. But it is also question of low wages, sometimes humiliating working conditions, the misery of the transvestites of the poor regions of North of Brazil to richer cities of the south like São Paulo. The video also discusses gender identity, the relationship to cosmetic surgery and the issue of sex change.

Everything is approached in a very uninhibited way and helps to break with prejudices and caricatures about these very oppressed and repressed gender minorities in society.

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