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He was the powerful voice of the Animals. After fifty years of career and exile in the United States, the old lion bids farewell to the scene.

It is the quintessential rocker leather thick and yet, at age 78, Eric Burdon has resolved to throw in the towel. This Olympia will be the last opportunity to hear its roaring voice tanned by six decades of rock & soul, rhythm'n'blues. Six years after a concert in the same place, where he had the impression of " to buckle the buckle " and had recorded for the occasion its version of No, I do not regret anything Edith Piaf (under the title No Regrets).

The past leaves him with no bitterness but, forever, this born puncher remains the legendary figure of Animals, the wildest, and the most ephemeral too, in the pack of groups british appeared with the sixties. It is known that he was a wounded animal, when the quintet worn by his furious song imploded, after the departure of the organist Alan Price (who had appropriated the copyrights of House Of The Rising Sun, their triumphal adaptation of a traditional folk), then a quarrel with Mickie Most, manager accused of recording them too formatted pop songs.

Rock sticks to his skin

Yet it was with these singles, more than by their covers of Ray Charles or Bo Diddley, that the Animals printed their mark. Ask Springsteen what he thinks ofIt's My Life or We Gotta Get Out Of This Place… At the end of 1966, less than …

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