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A few days ago Roger Waters, founder of Pink Floyd, wrote on his Twitter account @rogerwaters: "Let's stop this new madness of the United States, leave the Venezuelan people at peace. They have a real democracy, stop this attempt to destroy this country so that the 1% (the rich) can seize the oil ". The artist invited citizens to focus in New York on Monday, February 4 at 3pm, in front of the US Diplomatic Mission to the United Nations, to protest Donald Trump's coup.

Waters explains his commitment in a February 6 note posted on his Facebook page and entitled: "One of the answers I received to my tweet "Down the Paws of Venezuela" is that of an old friend, a Venezuelan musician expatriate". It is published under the image and the famous reflection of Simon Bolivar: "The United States appears destined by Providence to plague the Americas of misery in the name of democracy"

Let's call it X.

My dear X.

Two days ago I tweeted "US hands-off Venezuela" and I received the usual cartload of criticism from all those who speak on behalf of the Venezuelan people – the most of them are white, middle class and live in New York. And you, my dear friend, by way of remonstrance and in the hope of learning, you drew my attention to an open letter written by a young woman named Adriana Kohlhofer and addressed to the "US Democratic Socialists", to the attention of Senator Bernie Sanders, female members of Congress Cortez, Omar, Khanna and the full stream of the wing of the Democratic Socialists of the Democratic Party. You begged me to read it. That's what I did, and for others to know what we're talking about, here's a link to this letter:

So I read it, and all that is there is an inflamed controversy to support US sanctions and other forms of intervention in Venezuela in the hope of causing a regime change. A regime change designed to facilitate the adoption of neoliberal policies such as the return of the oil industry to the hands of the private sector. It's an old, old story that we've all heard before. My personal point of view is that oil revenues should continue, as much as possible, to benefit the Venezuelan people through this nationalized industry and revived by Hugo Chavez, hero of the revolution, native son of his and your country and bitterly regretted by his people. Where was I? Oh yes, having read Adriana Kohlhofer's letter, I asked myself: who is this person who claims to speak for the Venezuelan people? so I searched on Google. You will laugh:

Adriana Kohlhofer – Private Health Management Analyst @ Goldman Sachs.

Ok Adriana Kohlhofer, Venezuelan spokesperson, here is something that really comes from the people of Venezuela … Below are the results of the study conducted between January 7 and 20, 2019 by Hinterlaces, a private Venezuelan firm of known polls and respected, led by independent pollster Oscar Schemel. This is what Venezuelans living in Venezuela say.

Do you agree or disagree with the current US economic and financial sanctions against Venezuela to drive President Maduro out of power?

81% of Venezuelans surveyed replied "I do not agree".

Do you agree or disagree with the assumption of an international intervention in Venezuela to drive President Maduro out of power?

78% of Venezuelans surveyed say "I would not agree"

Do you agree or disagree with the hypothesis of intervention militaryin Venezuela to drive President Maduro out of power?

86% of Venezuelans polled said "I would not agree".

In general do you agree or disagree with the holding of a dialogue between the national government and the opposition to solve the current economic problems in the country?

84% of Venezuelans surveyed replied "I agree".

Well, Adriana, as you see, these results show what the majority of the actual Venezuelan people, who actually live in Venezuela, consider the true story, not the one you sell, Madam Private Health Management Analyst @ goldmansachs', or Donald Trump, or Mike Pompeo, or Isaac Abrams, or John Bolton or the major media submitted to the United States or acolytes also submitted to the United States Government in Canada and Australia and in NATO and in the European Union and throughout the right wing dictatorships and quasi-democracies dominated by the United States in Latin and South America. The results of the poll express a cry of the heart, that of a besieged people. I have no more right than you to put words in his mouth, but it seems to me that his story is more like this: "Please, people of the United States, persuade your president and his government to lift the deadly and draconian sanctions that you have imposed on us, please lift the blockade on our lives, and leave us the time and space to find our own way to the Venezuelan dream of a socialist society, stable, fair. We are proud and resourceful people, we have come a long way since 1998, when Hugo Chavez put us back on the revolutionary path. Your conflicting intervention is pushing our nation to the brink of civil war. We do not want to be the next Libya, Iraq or Syria, stop feeding the jackals among us, please stop hovering like vultures on our oil fields. Please, go away. "

So, musician friend, I love you as a brother, but the Private Health Management Analyst is just that, all but an oracle, I'll never know why we did not lock up all these bastards after 2008 but for pity's sake do not let them destroy your beautiful country for a few barrels of tar, which is the only thing that interests them.



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Translated from English by Thierry Deronne

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