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King Crimson and his masterpiece of the strange Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd
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A strange cover with a delirious and scary creature, King Crimson laid, in October 1969, one of the first milestones of the progressive rock movement. The opus In the Court of Crimson King party, this week, his 50 years.

After the launches of theWhite album and D'Abbey Road Beatles, rock opera Tommy The Who, and Bayou Country and Green RiverFrom the Creedence Clearwater Revival group, five British musicians blended rock, jazz, symphonic music and psychedelia to create, which, according to many, became the very first brick of the foundation of progressive rock.

In the Court of Crimson King quickly attracted attention because of a spectacular wallet with a tortured creature or coming out of a terrible nightmare.

"What more can be said? It reflects the music, "said in a magazine interview Rock & Folk founding member Robert Fripp, also referring to the image of the crimson king found inside the cover.

The British band King Crimson unveiled three plays of this album, in the first part of the Stones, on July 5, 1969, in Hyde Park, in front of 500,000 spectators.

Founding member Robert Fripp

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Founding member Robert Fripp

Immediate success

King Crimson was officially launched six months earlier in the basement of a London café. The training featured guitarist Robert Fripp, multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, bassist and singer Greg Lake, drummer Michael Giles and lyricist Peter Sinfield.

In the Court of Crimson King was recorded and directed by the group on an eight-track tape recorder in a London studio.

Three months later, the album landed in the bins of record stores.

Robert Fripp's guitar sounds, the use of the mellotron, the voice of Greg Lake and the words of the lyricist Pete Sinfield quickly seduced fans who wanted to see new musical routes. The success was immediate.

The strange cover

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The strange cover

Almost perfect

In the Court of Crimson King reached the 5th position of the British charts, the 28th of the Billboard 200 in the United States and he dislodged Abbey Road, in Japan, which was in first place.

The opus ranks second among the 50 best progressive rock albums, according to the magazine Rolling Stonebehind The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

The opus starts in power with 21st Century Schizoid Man and the distorted voice of Greg Lake. The sound maelstrom is powerful and cacophonous. Seven minutes later, King Crimson immerses himself in a whole new world with the sweet voice of Lake, Ian McDonald's flute sounds and the mesmerizing I talk to the wind. The calm after the storm.

The album continues with Epitaph, Moonchild and In the Court of Crimson King. An almost perfect record.

The training that has adopted a multitude of configurations, over the years, around Robert Fripp, still exists.

King Crimson even brought to life several pieces of this legendary album, which dusted in the attic, with the Epitaph, Moonchild, The Court of Crimson King and 21st Schizoid Man.

"King Crimson has combined several forms of music to create a surreal and original force," wrote the critic John Morghland at the time, in the magazine Rolling Stone.

Pete Townshend, guitarist of The Who, called the record of masterpiece the strange.

An edition of 50e anniversary of In the Court of Crimson King will be launched on October 25 in a multitude of formats.

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