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Hey You is a song from the band of progressive rock British Pink Floyd. She appears on the album The Wall released in 1979. The song begins the second disc of the double album.

The song is in E minor and in four times (4/4). It starts with an arpeggio of acoustic guitar, whose introductory melody is almost the same as that of Pigs (Three Different Ones) from the album Animals (1977), accompanied by a fretless bass. Then appear synthesizer, the song of David Gilmour and the drums. After this section, we can hear only the synthesizer, the bass and the drums. In the next section of the song begins a synthesizer and acoustic guitar and eventually bass joins them. Around 3:20 in the song appears a sonar sound close to the first notes ofEchoes, accenting the atmosphere of isolation and emptiness. The tone of the song is overall very dark and desperate, as is the case of the majority of the album.

This song is an important point in the history of The Wall since it marks the rocking of Pink, the main character, towards madness. He understands the mistake he made in isolating himself from the rest of the world and trying to reconnect with others, but his wall blocks his calls, which become more and more desperate as he realizes there is no escape. The placement of this song at the beginning of the second disc is logical, because it was initially placed near the end of the album.

This song is missing from the movie Pink Floyd The Wall, but the corresponding sequence was well and truly shot: we see scenes of very violent riots, which represent perhaps the chaos that reigns in Pink's mind. From a common agreement, Roger Waters and Alan Parker, the director of the film, decided to cut it, thinking that it would weigh too much the film. A black and white version appears on the DVD version of the film.

Originally, Hey You should not appear at the beginning of the third face of the vinyl record. The fact that this side starts with a piece that was not listed on the first pressing of the cover has caused a lot of confusion. Roger Waters justified the incident in his interview at Radio One :

" He (Hey You) did not appear on this third face when Bob Ezrin called me and said, "The third side does not work. And when I asked him why, he said there were too many sound effects. Anyway, I was not comfortable with this face. I thought about it and I told myself that what was wrong was this scene of the character in a hotel room with the broken window and a TV, and he sings his thoughts and his feelings, there, alone in this room. What we're talking about here really has nothing to do with the concept of the album. I had to take into account how this album would work and how I could program that. After thinking about it for two minutes, I realized that Hey You could work anywhere in the concept and that the third side would be much better with this opening piece that would sandwich between the scene of the hotel and what was happening at that time in the outside world(1). "

The jazz pianist Brad Mehldau recorded this song in solo piano on 10 Years solo live (2015).

In the cinema(edit | change the code)

This song is an integral part of scenario of the film Noah Baumbach, The Berkman separate (The Squid and the Whale) released in 2005.

She also appears in the movie Deadline.

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