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published on September 25

The group explained on its website that its new album was a tribute to keyboardist Rick Wright, who died in 2008.

Certainly, "The Endless River", expected for November 10, arrives 20 years after its predecessor, "The Bell Division", released in 1994, but it is not an album like the others. It will be dedicated to the memory of Rick Wright, keyboardist of the training, who died in 2008 from cancer. On its official website, the group explains: "'The Endless River' is a tribute to Rick Wright, his keyboards were the heart of the sound of Pink Floyd.This disc is mostly instrumental, it contains a song with lyrics, 'Louder Than Words' (with a new text written by author Polly Samson), it was divided into four parts and was produced by David Gilmour, Phil Manzenara, Youth and Andy Jackson. "

In its release, the group says more about the design conditions of this album: "The starting point dates from 1993, during sessions for 'Bell Division', while Rick Wright, Nick Mason and David Gilmour played freely in the Studios Astoria and Britannia Row, it was the first time they had done it since '' Wish You Were Here '', in the '70s (…) In 2013, David Gilmour and Nick Mason went through the recorded music during these years. sessions and decided that these pieces should be part of Pink Floyd's repertoire. It would represent the last moments where they could be heard together. The group spent the last year reworking the music, using the advantages offered by the technology offered in modern studios, to create 'The Endless River'.

Tracklist of '' The Endless River '':

'' Things Left Unsaid ''

'' It's What We Do ''

'' Ebb And Flow ''

'' Sum ''

'' Skins ''

'' Unsung ''

'' Anisina ''

'' The Lost Art Of Conversation ''

'' On Noodle Street ''

'' Night Light ''

'' Let's go (1) ''

'' Autumn'68 ''

'' Let's go (2) ''

'' Talkin 'Hawkin' '

'' Calling '

'' Eyes to Pearls ''

'' Surfacing ''

'' Louder Than Words ''

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