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SOLACE Brings The NWOBHM Riffs On New Song “Desert Coffin” Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd
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Solace pretty much disappeared after their monumental album A.D. in 2010, but began forging a comeback in recent years. Solace dropped a new song “Bird Of Ill Omen” in 2017 and covered “In The Flesh” by Pink Floyd on Magnetic Eye Records’ The Wall (Redux) the following year. Now Solace is back with a brand new full-length titled The Brink due out December 13 and we’re plenty stoked to premiere their new song “Desert Coffin.”

Here’s what guitarist and founding member Tommy Southard had to say about the track.

“When I came up with the riffs, the song had an Arabian middle eastern sort of feel, at least to me it did, so I used the working title ‘Desert Coffin.’ When we worked it all out as a band, the title stuck and Goins wrote his lyrics around that. It’s definitely got one of my favorite riffs on the record, and the middle breakdown before the solo might also be my favorite. And the tail-end riff is an homage to Celtic Frost!”

You should pre-order The Brink here.

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