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High Hopes is a song from the band of progressive rock British Pink Floyd. She appears at the end of the album The Bell Division, in 1994 and in shorter version on the compilation album Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd in 2001. It was played in all the concerts of the disc tour.

This song is famous for its solo that was played by David Gilmour with a guitar at table (slide guitar Lap-Steel) which lasts two minutes and ten seconds.

This is the first song of Bell Division to have been written and this is the last one to have been completed.

The last verse of the song: "The Endless River, Forever And Ever" inspired the title of the last album released in 2014: The Endless River.

The song begins and ends with a bell, symbolizing The Bell Division (the division bell), title of the album. It can also refer to the bell sound at the beginning of "Fat Old Sun".

Nevertheless, at the end of High Hopes, we can hear a sound of voices: it's Steve O'Rourke and Charlie, David Gilmour's son-in-law. Steve O'Rourke calls Charlie, says hello, then "hangs up" because the conversation seems to be over the phone. He says then Great … And the song ends.

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