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The song, major art or minor art IV. Archeology of a question 15/16

We are now in the twentieth century. We still do not know if the song is a major or minor art. I do not really want to talk about the Left Bank, French song "quality", great singers … If you want, go back to see the series on cliches in songsthere is a lot of talk about it. I would like to talk about the great rock revolution that put the old debate between scholarly art and art brut at the center of its concerns. This is perhaps the only musical genre that really has built in this opposition. The rocker, whose stomach, however, "is limited to cheeseburgers", according to the good word of Eddy Mitchell, would have digested three or four centuries of controversy, from Malherbe to Gainsbourg. Unless he has regurgitated them. I note in support of this last hypothesis that several rockers are drowned in their vomit (Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, …).

The debate between sophistication and simplicity, art and art brut is really structuring for rock, a true dialectic. His story, just like rock music, is a binary swing. On one side, a simple, raw music, a passing fad to the staggering resilience, which every young rabid can learn the three chords and boom-chak in a cellar. On the other side, Métis music, influenced by jazz, blues, Western traditional music, and conducive to all kinds of improvements. We already noted in the blog the links between heavy metal and Bach's music, right here.

Today, we are interested in the two most extreme styles of rock: punk and progressive rock and their best representatives, the Ramones and Pink Floyd. The Ramones: some New York drug addicts who buy an occasional guitar, launch the fashion of the jeans with holes, play badly, revolutionize rock and die young. The only big rock band whose members are dead seems to be. Pink Floyd: good musicians, creative, who invent synth pads like this, sound like-that, solos we know more about how, execrated Ramones, because it's true they make us shit.

Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop

Pink Floyd, Time

Another Pink Floyd, Money. For lovers of solfeggio, it is written in 7/4, pfff, what pedantism frankly 7/4. I think it's the Ramones who are right.

A last of the Ramones. We see them on the video, they are beautiful, we can admire their technique on the guitar: held towards the knees, it is manly trend riddled, and above all it makes it almost impossible to play properly, it was probably the goal . I just want to have something to do.

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