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It's zarbi to see what everyone has learned from this group, very informative in any case!

Final Cut remains my reference, I was surprised to see this album is not very popular (it is true that it is not particularly cheerful …), there are so many good titles on each album anyway, it's useless to fight :)
I also have vinyl and no platinum, it looks like it's fashion :) By cons I do not get rid of it, I dream to open my scholarship to offer me a nice project or rega … They have never been reissued Pink Floyd elsewhere? I only find them on the second-hand market and some titles are pretty hard to find in good condition.

Julien Max, could you just put your mouth watering by saying a little more about your perception of the vinyl / cd difference? I have not had the opportunity to do comparative listening Floyd, the sound cd seems already terrible! (This is off topic but if anyone listens to Vinyl Police, tell me if they do not have the cd cd of their cd!)

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