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The Academy of Arts is concerned about the situation of Julian Assange. The way in which the journalist, editor and publisher continues to be treated without foundation, in solitary confinement, in the Belmarsh high security prison in London clearly shows an absence of legal standards.

The judicial management of the Julian Assange case is a concrete example of the erosion of the fundamental values ​​of democracy. The likely future extradition to the North American court under the newly enacted Espionage Act will have many consequences for journalists, but also for scientists and artists around the world. It is nothing less than freedom of expression that is threatened! Julian Assange is the prime example which leads to the intimidation and weakening of the fourth instance (justice). We cannot accept an attack on freedom of the press, science and the arts under the pretext of so-called democratic authorities.

The Academy of Arts demands humane and legal treatment for Julian Assange.

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Free Julian Assange (Grafik: Neue Debatte)

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Sources and additional texts

Edward J. Snowden receives 2013 Whistleblower award

Thanks to Edward J. Snowden the world has discovered a glimpse into the surveillance and espionage activities of our secret services, of which we could be victims at any time and for no concrete reason.

Edward Snowden soon to be Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Rostock?

In November 2013, the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Rostock decided during a meeting of the faculty council, at the request of the dean Professor Hans-Jürgen von Wensierski and the two vice-daughters Professors Gesa Mackenthun and Elizabeth Prommer, launch a procedure to verify the possibility of granting North American citizen Edward Snowden the status of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Faculty.

The CIA torture report – an extraordinarily cynical document

The methods used by the CIA to torture seemingly have no limits, as we learn from the report presented in December 2014. Humans cannot conceive of greater damage and insults to our Western values.

With a denunciation, this would never have happened…

Why Berlin PIRATEN speak out in defense of whistleblowing: The huge VW manipulation scandal would not have been possible had it been customary and authorized to make public the alleged violation of laws, corruption or alleged abuse in companies or by the authorities (whistleblowing)

An amnesty that has been delayed too long

Chelsea Manning was pardoned by President Obama yesterday. After seven years in prison, periods of which were very similar to torture, she was released from prison on May 17, free.

John Shipton, Julian Assange's father, came to Europe to stay there until his son was released.

John Shipton in Berlin: father and ambassador of Julian Assange

German peace movement calls for solidarity with Julian Assange!

What can I do ? Break the silence!

German peace movement calls for solidarity with Julian Assange!

The Guilty-Victim Overthrow

Julian Assange's isolation at the Ecuadorian embassy was an attempt to break her psychologically.

Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters interprets his worldwide success "Wish You Were Here" at a "No to Assange Extradition" rally outside the UK Home Office in London.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd performs "Wish You Were Here" for Julian Assange at a concert in London

Press freedom – Analysis of the collapse of Western values

Freedom of the press is crumbling. The main culprits are the media themselves.

Assange is just the beginning!

Julian Assange will be imprisoned for life. The most powerful gag the press in the United States, in France and even in Germany.

No more value! The Empire, its charges and Julian Assange

Western values ​​are no longer worth anything. The Empire and its charges made an ideal good the basis of barbarities.

Julian Assange and the status of democracy

The destroyers of democracy have long sat in institutions.

Interview with Edward Snowden – The Deep State and How Everyone Can Change Something

Whistleblower Edward Joseph "Ed" Snowden mentions, among other things, the history of the deep state, the NSA (National Security Agency) surveillance programs, freedom of the press and thought, but also what everyone can do. undertake to mark its difference.

No end in sight at Assange's ordeal

It has been almost seven years since Julian Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in order to escape extradition by the British authorities. A step outside the embassy means an immediate arrest and most likely an extradition to the United States where he would face a very long prison sentence, or worse.

Do not keep silent! #FreeAssange

The German peace movement demands solidarity with Julian Assange!


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