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Rachel Rocks shares this latest event review. Guest opinion articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the publication. Ed

The best of the Isle of Wight’s rock bands joined forces recently and performed an incredible all-day gig, raising money for local charity WightAID.

was the fifth Rock for Good event organised by Joshie Adams and held at Coburgs
in Ryde.

The event was headlined by Irish inspired folk band, Feck whose barnstorming set had the crowd jigging along to Irish punk and folk classics including: The Fields of Athenry and Fisherman’s Blues.

The band’s authentic Irish sound was enhanced by the beautiful violin-playing of Sophie Vickers.

Afterburner put on an emotional set for their last gig. They really showed the young ones how to rock with their classic sound.

Highlights included an epic version of Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World complete with immaculate guitar solo and a haunting performance of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell.

Bobbin and the Babymakers
Bobbin and the Babymakers always put their absolute all into their set and this night was no exception, and probably the best I have ever seen them.

fast, frenetic set was so heavy and sweaty that the guys in the crowd took
their tops off and some of the girls had stripped down to their bras!

Hall from Sexy Pretty Things took over drum duties for a formidable and
energetic performance of Queens of the Stone Age’s No One knows which
had the crowd leaping, bouncing and jumping along in hot, sweaty, musical

lead singer of King Kuna, Jack Singleton gatecrashed the stage, taking the mic for
a raucous, adrenaline-fuelled version of Rage Against the Machine’s Killing
in the Name
, along with Kelly Snape, which got the already excited and
worked up crowd into a shout-a-long frenzy. Epic!

Hot-Pocket were cool and classy as always. They delivered a fun, crowd pleasing set with one of the favourites being Aha’s Take on me which had the happy Coburgs crowd singing and dancing along as the WightAID charity buckets were passed around and raffle tickets sold.

Rock for Good gig

King Kuna
King Kuna played their beautiful and original songs. Like a heavier, more evolved Nirvana, their melodies are inspired and alluring. They are mesmerising to watch and you get caught up in their intense, sound until you snap out of it with Jack Singleton’s impassioned vocals. They are a seriously sophisticated band and it’s always incredible when a three piece band creates such a vast, heavy noise.

King Kuna’s singer, Jack Singleton said:

“Playing Rock for Good is always a pleasure, such a top-notch line-up of Island bands and artists all coming together for a great cause – the atmosphere is always fantastic.”

Valentine Grey
Valentine Grey performed their own brand of exciting cacophony! At times sounding like Pink Floyd and others like Gojira.

Their interesting creativity is inspired and it’s really captivating when the guys from Proles swap places to create such a gripping, at times hypnotic sound.

Proles are proper old-school, venomous punk and they are great! Their set was angry, frantic and frenetic but with well crafted songs and real musicianship.

Rock for Good gig

The antithesis of their alter egos Valentine Grey.

The Rug Band
In complete contrast, folk musicians, The Rug Band had over ten performers on stage from the young to the more mature. With ukulele banjo, violin, percussion, wood wind and singers, their fun-fuelled, performance of Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls was joyous! And their rendition of Cockney Rebel’s Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) was equally stunning.

Diverse music scene
The Island’s music scene is so diverse and talented. It’s testament to the local bands and artists how they all came together, performed together and joined in with each other’s sets at this all day event raising money for WightAID.

The charity’s mission statement: “For people who care about the Island and want to make a difference” was exemplified by both the performers and the people who enjoyed the event and donated.

Rock for Good gig

to Joshie Adams for his hard work, enthusiasm and dedication in putting on this
regular charity event which raises vital funds for WightAID to put into Island community

Over £1,000 raised in last year
As well as organising the event, Joshie played bass in his bands, Bobbin and the Babymakers and Hot-Pocket. He was also on hand all night helping each band set up and on sound duties throughout.

Joshie said:

“Rock for Good works because of the hard working musicians who bring it all together. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to raise over £1,000 in the last year for local Isle of Wight charities.

“I’m proud of what we have all done together and look to make these events bigger and more exciting in 2020 onwards.”

for Good has established itself as a highlight on the Island’s musical calendar.
Rock for Good 5 featured: Feck, Afterburner, Bobbin and the Babymakers,
Hot-Pocket, Boca, Sexy Pretty Things, King Kuna, Valentine Grey, Proles, Any
Road, The Rug Band, Killing Morton, The Duo Thing and Seesaw.

next Rock for Good will be at Coburgs on Easter Sunday.

Images: © Lotte Johnson

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