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Go back in time to 1985, the year of '' Back to the future '' certainly, year also for which our country remembers the infamous '' Heysel drama '', where the madness engendered by a beast balloon had made it tumble the supporters in their lowest murderous instincts, also the year of the famous "Live Aid" set up by Bob Geldof, unforgettable interpreter of the character of Pink in the film "The Wall", and finally, for the fans, c It was the same year that Roger Waters permanently left the ranks of Pink Floyd.

1985, therefore a year after the purchase of the '' Red Strat '' among 7 other models within the grounds of the Fender Warehouse of Enfield in England and having already briefly appeared in photo for the release of the album '' About Face ''. This Fender Stratocaster Reissue V57 received several major modifications which had a significant impact on its tones.

Among these modifications: we note first of all the vibrato arm shortened by almost half, a change that Gilmour had, moreover, already had done on most of his “ Strat '' as on his Charvel San Dimas, abundantly performed during the 80s. These vibrato arm transformations have always been intended to make their use more practical because, in fact, it is always close at hand but, this nevertheless takes away a little bit of flexibility.

And then, another very important modification, essential I would even say, is the change of the three original microphones in favor of a trio of active single coils from the EMG brand, embellished by two commands called: EXG, and SPC . Some explanations on this gibberish are of course necessary: ​​the EXG control mounted in place of the first tone knob is in fact a boost which acts on the bass and treble, while the SPC command, mounted on the second knob tone, boost the mids and simulate the sound of humbuckers.

Being myself a user of this system for two years on my personal Strat, I can assure you that this microphone kit, marketed under the name: EMG-DG20, is just great. At all times you have total control over the sound of your guitar, which can boost the frequencies that seem too 'weak' and also considerably extend the sustain of each note. An indisputable plus, no matter what style of music you play.

FYI, the site gives you a list of the settings used by Gilmour himself on different titles like, '' Shine On You Crazy Diamond '', '' Take It Back '', or even '' Sorrow ''.

The very first appearance of the "Red Strat" ​​on stage was during Live Aid in 1985, the same one whose London scene was faithfully reproduced for the needs of the film "Bohemian Rhapsody". Indeed, we tend to forget it but, between the masterful performances of U2 and Queen, David Gilmour, that day, was as guitarist alongside his friend Bryan Ferry for whom he had also just recorded the guitars on the album “ Boys And Gilrs ''.

Live Aid, remember … We were all gathered in front of our screens on July 13, 1985, to discover this version of "Slave To Love":

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