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The Raconteurs Cain’s Ballroom Live Album Track List

Bored and Razed

Blue Veins

Consoler of the Lonely

Help Me Stranger

Only Child

Sunday Driver

Now That You’re Gone

Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)

Broken Boy Soldier

Carolina Drama

Thoughts and Prayers

Steady, As She Goes

and more!

Jack White and Brendan Benson Live at Third Man Records Cass Corridor July 9th, 2019 Track List

Fearless (Pink Floyd)

Sugar Never Tasted So Good (The White Stripes)

Metarie (Brendan Benson)

Only Child (The Raconteurs)

Lucille (Little Richard)

Love Interruption (Jack White)

Now That You’re Gone (The Raconteurs)

Shine The Light on Me (The Raconteurs)

As Ugly As I Seem (The White Stripes)

Together (The Raconteurs)

We’re Going to Be Friends (The White Stripes)

Help Me Stranger (The Raconteurs)

Brendan Benson and Jack White Live at the Garden Bowl Lounge March 14, 1999 Track List

I Fought Piranhas (The White Stripes)

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (The White Stripes)

Crosseyed (Brendan Benson)

Who’s to Say (Blanche)

You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket (The White Stripes)

The Same Boy You’ve Always Known (The White Stripes)

Do (The White Stripes)

Good to Me (Brendan Benson)

Sugar Never Tasted So Good (The White Stripes)

Fearless (Pink Floyd)

Suzy Lee (The White Stripes)

Candy Cane Children (The White Stripes)

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