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"Convinced that culture contributes to living together and that it is a vector of conviviality and sharing, we defend a program of shows for all to come and see with family or friends", say Muriel Cabrol, elected delegate for culture, and Julie Mouliérac, in charge of the administration and programming of Tortill'Art. The program of shows for the first half of 2020 is revealed: theater, songs, music, shows for young audiences, to share with family or friends. Les Grandes Bouches will be back, as will blues-rock music with Neil Black and Van Wilks. La Part Manquante also with "Le Monde d´hier", Stefan Zweig's latest work and many more. The first meeting is set for Saturday, February 1 with Will Barber Trio as part of the Autan de Blues festival. With his lap steel on his knees, Will Barber is more like having the blues in his soul and rhythm in his skin. A great lover of Ben Harper, he is an atypical musician with his quiet strength on stage and his shyness. He summons around him many sounds that we have been made to forget. It reminds us of the Floyd, Creedence, Lynyrd or the Stones. And also the most obscure bluesmen like the scratchy folk of Greenwich. In 2017, he participated in the program The Voice with his particular musical universe, turned towards country and blues, wishing to confront the opinion of professionals with a cover of Pink Floyd "Another Brick In The Wall": the video hit the headlines and has 75 million views on YouTube.

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