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In 2020, the Carrières de Lumières lights up with famous and singular works by Salvador Dalí. "Dalí, the endless enigma" looks back on more than 60 creative years of the Catalan master who has traveled and invented several artistic styles.

Through a thematic journey, you walk in surreal and metaphysical landscapes and find yourself at the heart of the surprising works of the artist with boundless imagination. Paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, engravings, films and archive images recall the unique personality of the famous mustache painter but also his obsession with the strange and the supernatural as well as his fascination for his wife Gala, his true muse.

The entire digital exhibition is punctuated by the music of Pink Floyd. Constantly experimenting and rejecting any rational mechanism, these two icons of painting and music share an astonishing visual imagination where obsessive visions and technical virtuosity mingle. The deep colors, the stretched and voluminous forms of Dalí's canvases appear on the walls to the sound of titles from mythical albums such as The Dark Side of the Moon and The wall to immerse the visitor in a hovering, peaceful or disturbing universe.

This retrospective, combined with the music of the legendary group of the 1960s, offers a timeless journey that awakens the unconscious where Dalí's work remains an endless mystery and enigma.

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