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Bigflo & Oli: the playlist of your favorite songs Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd
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That's it ! Bigflo and Oli are about to take to the stage at Paris La Défense Arena to offer an exceptional show. A concert which promises to be a consecration for the two brothers who have become in less than five years a real musical phenomenon, having just exceeded the million albums sold. Before this big meeting, revise your classics with your playlist of the best songs from the two Toulouse rappers, who have now sold more than a million albums in just 5 years.

10,000,000 fans on social networks, 40,000 spectators expected at Paris La Défense Arena, 700 million views for their clips on Youtube, more than a million albums sold in just 5 years… Figures that are out of height of the Bigflo & Oli phenomenon, which is about to fill the largest room in Europe on Saturday for a completely crazy show! To revise well before D-Day, we offered to vote this week for your favorite songs from the two rappers. Among the many hits, you managed to decide to release a playlist of 15 tracks. A nice selection!

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