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No more than 50 faithful during the celebrations

The Covid-19 epidemic did not spare the Catholic Church, which is experiencing "a very special Lent this year", as the bishop of Belfort-Montbéliard, Mgr Dominique Blanchet points out.

The gatherings planned in the diocese in the next two weeks are canceled: the 24h for the Lord and the Lenten conferences in particular.

Furthermore, "in our ways of celebrating, we are invited to be responsible and understanding as much as possible," added the bishop. "In order to respect the limit of 50 people in celebrations, we must make arrangements in the parishes Where necessary, those responsible will discern whether a second service can be celebrated after the usual mass. "

The bishop encourages the vulnerable, as well as those over 70 years old, to stay at home and attend the televised mass on France 2.

During services, the small number will allow you to sit at a distance from each other.

Regarding funerals and weddings, Bishop Blanchet invited anyone outside the immediate circle or family to refrain from participating in the celebrations. "We can express our spiritual closeness to one another in other ways," he says.

It should also be noted that the Fraternité en rev gathering planned for April 18 and 19 to mark the 40th anniversary of the diocese is postponed to October 3 and 4, 2020, still at the Axone de Montbéliard.

Swimming pool, gymnasium, museums … the long list of what closes in Montbéliard

In line with the measures taken by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, Covid-19, the City of Montbéliard decides to close municipal structures welcoming young people, from Monday March 16 until again.

The following are closed: crèches and day nurseries, schools and school restaurants and extracurricular centers, the Jules-Verne and the center of Charquemont, the swimming pool and gymnasiums, the media library, the museums and the Simone-Veil cultural center.

All activities and entertainment taking place in this equipment is canceled.

The Four Seasons Festival from 19, 20 and 21 March is also postponed to 14, 15 and 16 January 2021.

Otherwise, school registrations initially scheduled from March 16 to April 17 are postponed to a later date.

Regarding the elderly, the municipality of Montbéliard has already applied the recommendations of the regional health agency (ARS) and the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

The Maison de Beaucourt suspends its programming

"Following the Prime Minister's announcement on Friday March 13, 2020 and the Prefect of the Territoire de Belfort regarding the immediate ban on gatherings of more than 50 people, La Maison de Beaucourt is directly impacted by these provisions and must suspend its programming until April 15, 2020 ", wrote the cultural structure team in a press release.

"We are currently working on postponing the dates of March and April and we will communicate later on the new dates chosen," she added.

In the event of a postponement, tickets already purchased will remain valid for the new dates. People who could not be available may be reimbursed (Tel. 03 84 56 96 94 or email to for the procedure to follow).

"We are of course saddened by these exceptional provisions and support all the players in the cultural and event sectors in the face of the consequences of this unprecedented situation … And we also remain vigilant and united in the face of the health of all", concludes the House team.

No aquatic percussion with Akutuk: the show, at Citédo, is canceled.
No aquatic percussion with Akutuk: the show, at Citédo, is canceled.

The Moloco cancels everything

Firstly, after announcing the postponement of the Tattoo Night scheduled for this evening, the Moloco made a full update on the events scheduled for next week this Friday at the end of the day.

Molokids # 22 – Lights! scheduled for March 17 is postponed to June 30, 2020. School sessions are also postponed, as is the parent / child workshop.

The concert of Von Pariahs • Structures • Kamarad scheduled for March 20 at Moloco is postponed to Friday, June 19, 2020.

The concertAkutuk (aquatic percussion) at the Citédo, scheduled for March 21, is canceled.

The concert of the students of Zik'n'Voice Factory from March 22 is canceled

For postponed dates, tickets already purchased remain valid. People who cannot be available on the proposed new date can be reimbursed at their point of purchase.

The management of Moloco "expresses its deepest concerns about the consequences of this unprecedented health crisis for the world of entertainment and events, both for businesses and for intermittent artists and technicians of the show and all actors in the sector who allow shows to exist. "

"We hope that strong decisions can be taken to save all the players in the sector, and in particular the most fragile," she added. "Solidarity must be at the heart of our actions in this particularly turbulent period."

PSA Sochaux / Belchamp: teleworking on the rise

For about eight days, telework has been "strongly encouraged" in Research & Development (R&D) at the PSA site in Sochaux / Belchamp. "And it is strongly applied as evidenced by, for example, the sparse parking lots inside the Sochaux site," notes the management through the voice of its communications department. "But we didn't do any counting. "

PSA Sochaux / Belchamp, continued: thoroughly on cleaning

Provided by a service provider, the cleaning of all areas of the site (offices, production workshops, cafeteria, toilets, etc.) will intensify. For this, "more than 90 additional people were hired," says Force Ouvrière.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show postponed to June 29

The Australian The Pink Floyd Show was to be presented this Monday, March 16 at Axone, in Montbéliard. Canceled, it was postponed to Monday, June 29, at 8 p.m.

Tickets remain valid for the new date. If the spectators cannot attend the concert on this date, they can approach their point of sale to obtain reimbursement.

Photo ER / Lionel VADAM
Photo ER / Lionel VADAM

In Sochaux, the Peugeot museum closed from Monday

"To this day, and at this time, the Peugeot Adventure Museum remains open to the public," assured the institution's communications department on Friday, March 13, around noon. At this time of year, attendance is low. “Between Monday March 9 and Thursday March 12, we registered around fifty visitors. »180 degree turn in the early evening. The museum, and its brasserie, will finally close their doors from Monday March 6, and for an indefinite period.

The Stamp Festival, which should take place at the museum on March 28 and 29, has also been postponed sine die. It is a national event in 87 cities. The 2020 edition has the theme "The Holiday Road". Similarly, “a Sunday at the museum”, an appointment scheduled for March 22, will not take place.

Huge rush at the E.Leclerc center in Montbéliard

As soon as the supermarket opens this Friday at 8:30 a.m. huge queue stretched in front of the E. Leclerc center at Pied-des-Gouttes in Montbéliard. All of these anxious customers came to make reservations. Pasta, cans, packets of cakes. A little bit of everything. "Until noon, the aisles were full," says the director, adding: "It looked like a December 23! "

Elections in Montbéliard: priority for the elderly

People aged 70 and over will have priority in the queues, Sunday March 15 at the Montbéliard polling stations. Reception agents will be present to guide them.

The municipality has set up this system to minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus for the elderly.

The City recalls that the elderly or the frail are invited to come and vote outside the peak peaks usually noted, that is to say from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

MY national scene cancels everything

The information fell this Friday at the end of the afternoon: all the shows of MY national stage (Montbéliard theater, Mal de Sochaux, digital stage, Sponeck hotel, Salle des Bains-Douches) are canceled until further notice. .

On the other hand, in Montbéliard always, the swimming pool, the media library, the museums, the toy library remain open. For the moment.

Photo ER / Lionel VADAM

Precautionary measures at the Doubs family allowance fund

To protect themselves and others, the Caf du Doubs, in Montbéliard, has taken some precautionary measures.

As of March 16 and for an indefinite period, the hotlines and support by advisers in the self-service spaces and reception areas are no longer provided.

However, the self-service area remains available to users and reception by appointment is maintained.

Users are encouraged to favor online procedures on the website, email contacts from the My Account area, and phone calls to 0 810 25 25 30.

They can also be offered an appointment for a telephone interview on> My Caf> Contact my Caf> Request an appointment.

The processing of files continues to be ensured.

In Delle, jazz and carnival canceled, cinema closed

As a precautionary measure and in order to protect the public from the risk of contamination with coronavirus, Delle Animation has decided to cancel the jazz concert of March 20, the filmed conference of March 27 and the carnival of March 29.

In addition, the Cinq Fontaines cinema will be closed from Saturday March 14 until further notice.

No visit to the Miotte clinic

Since Friday March 13, no more visits to patients are authorized at the Miotte clinic. And those accompanying are asked to wait outside the health facility.

Nightclubs are closing

In the urban area, some discotheques announce their closure following the ban on gatherings of more than 100 people.

The Cario Club, in Mathay, will be closed this weekend.

The Empire Club in Bavans has announced that it will reopen on March 28.

In Andelnans, the Riva Café is following suit: it announced, at the end of the afternoon, that it would close its doors this Friday evening and until further notice.

Centers 15: priority to urgent calls

Centers 15 in the region are subject to a massive influx of calls about the Covid-19 coronavirus, which undermines their ability to exercise their primary mission: responding to medical emergencies, says the regional health agency in a communicated.

"The ARS Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and the regional prefecture appeal to everyone's civic spirit and stress that it is necessary to reserve calls to 15 for real medical emergencies and, with regard to the coronavirus, to people with symptoms severe ", recalls the ARS. "For any other non-emergency medical request, it is best to contact your doctor."

To answer general and non-medical questions about the coronavirus, a free information number is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 0.800.130.000.

No bikes, no lotos

The bicycle club grant from the Vélo club Montbeliard, scheduled for the weekend of March 20 and 21, is canceled.

The Bruyères senior club, in Valentigney, is on a break: the lotteries of March 16 and 31 are postponed and the afternoon games are canceled.

La Poudrière is no exception to the rule

"In order to fight together the spread of Covid-19 and in accordance with the government measure banning gatherings of more than 100 people, La Poudrière has decided to close the concert hall and the rehearsal rooms of the Rockhatry from Monday March 16 and until further notice, "said the management of the Sallefortfortaine in a press release.

Consequently, the concerts and events of the coming weeks will be suspended.

The public can keep informed of postponements and cancellations via social networks and website of the Powder magazine.

Citédo: an oil change, but neither concert nor Water Night

La Citédo, in Sochaux, suspends all of its activities from Saturday March 14 and until further notice.

"In order to limit the consequences of this closure on the activities of our various users, the technical emptying initially scheduled for early May 2020 will be carried out next week," say the managers of the aquatic area.

The temporary closure unfortunately means the cancellation of two events planned soon: the Akutuk concert on Saturday March 21 and the Night of Water on Saturday March 28.

There will be no Water Night this year at Citédo. Photo ER / Francis REINOSO

Handball match canceled

The French Handball Federation has decided to suspend all national regional and departmental competitions, from this Friday and until April 5 inclusive.

Consequently, the match of Nationale 2 Féminines, initially scheduled for this weekend, is canceled, recalls the Ascap PM Handball.

No more worship at the Protestant United Church of Montbéliard

The United Protestant Church of Montbéliard suspends Sunday worship from March 15, due to current health risks. For more information: 03 81 91 03 69 and

Last day to borrow documents from the Grandvillars media library

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the Grandvillars media library and toy library will be closed from Saturday March 14 until further notice. The public can come this Friday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. to return and / or take documents.

All outstanding loans will be extended for the duration of the containment period.

The various planned activities are canceled and will be postponed to a later date.

No canteen but a major cleaning of the colleges

The schools being closed, the school catering for the 13 colleges of the Territoire de Belfort will not work from Monday. The catering staff will stay at home.

On the other hand, the technical and maintenance agents of the department's colleges will participate in the coming days in a major cleaning of the premises in the absence of the students.

In addition, several tonnes of foodstuffs which should have been consumed next week by the 6000 middle school students will be donated to charities in the department.

As in other establishments in the Territoire de Belfort, the school meals at the Camille-Claudel college in Montreux-Château will remain closed. ER Photo

Masks are missing

The president of the departmental council of the Territoire de Belfort, Florian Bouquet asked the regional health agency to "unfreeze the strategic stock of surgical masks which had been produced by Marisol Touraine at the time of the H5N1 flu crisis".

Florian Bouquet explains that the Territoire de Belfort gave some of these masks to the Haut-Rhin last week and that within a week to ten days the firefighters, social workers and home helpers will no longer be able to be fitted with masks, must e of material.

A specific childcare service

For the medical and paramedical professions, for the emergency services and the police, for the collectors of household waste and urban cleanliness, for the water services, for the home care and civil status services : Belfort town hall sets up a specific childcare service, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., if no childcare solution is found.

To register: 03 84 54 25 23

Libraries. The Belfort libraries, where there are rarely more than 30 people at the same time, remain open for the time being.

APA: simplified formalities

Exceptionally, in the Territoire de Belfort, requests for APA (allowances for the elderly) can be made simply by declaration and presentation of a medical certificate in order to avoid physical contact for the elderly. The authorization will be valid for six months, at the end of which it will be necessary to regularize the files with the usual procedures.

Environmental House, Gantner space and archives

The departmental council of the Territoire de Belfort has decided to close the environment house in Malsaucy, the Gantner multimedia space in Bourogne and the departmental archives in Belfort.

No flavor hike

The Belfort Territory Department has decided to cancel the flavor hike planned for April.

The Léon-Deubel municipal library in Belfort is, for the moment, still open. Photo ER / Christine DUMAS

MY national scene

The team of MA national scene, of Montbéliard, points out that within the framework of the limitation of the propagation of the coronavirus, the authorities took new measures concerning the rooms of more than 1000 places. However "all the halls of MA being of a lower capacity, the whole of the spectacles is maintained at the present time".

The situation is evolving, a change can occur at any time.

In the meantime, "MY national scene is implementing the health measures necessary to stem the epidemic", and asks the public to respect the recommendations of the health authorities to limit the risks of contamination that can be seen on

Tattoo Night canceled

In Audincourt, the Moloco decided "reluctantly but preventively" to postpone the Tattoo Night which was to be held this Friday evening. "We hope to be able to reschedule this event in the coming months with the Alyssa Tattoo Studio," said the management in a press release.

People who bought their ticket can be reimbursed at their point of purchase.

No reservation for the Kapouchnik

On the side of the Unity Theater in Audincourt, it says that "Monday March 16, exceptionally, there will be no registrations for the next Kapouchnik". Indeed, current affairs require, "We do not know what government measures to limit the coronavirus epidemic will be taken by March 28".

In the meantime, the Unity Theater has decided that the Kapouchnik of March 28 should be maintained until further notice: "No registration beforehand, you will come directly to the Studio des 3 Oranges for the most courageous and healthy people ( doors open at 8 p.m.) " Site information

In Belfort, conservatory, swimming pools, CFA … closed

The nurseries, schools, conservatory and municipal apprenticeship training center will be closed. The pools also close this Friday, unlike the ice rink which remains open.

Regarding the communal social action center, home care and meal delivery services are normally provided. However, households and errands operated by CCAS agents could be postponed.

In the country of Héricourt

Following the measures taken regarding the coronavirus by the President of the Republic, the Pays d'Héricourt community of municipalities has decided that as of Monday March 16 and until further notice the following services will be closed to users: crèche, extracurricular, extracurricular, learning pool, music school and media library.

Events in sports facilities are also suspended at CSIAG (André Girard intercommunal sports complex), fairgrounds, Brevilliers synthetic football field.

Finally, the administrative services at the CCPH headquarters will be open to the public in the morning from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. It is requested to give priority to telephone meetings.

The Negritude Museum is closed.
The Negritude Museum is closed.

Museum of Negritude

The house of Negritude and Human Rights is closed as of this Friday.

Soccer.- The Professional Football League having decided to suspend the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 championships, the match between Sochaux and Chambly, scheduled for this Friday evening at the Bonal stadium (behind closed doors) is postponed to a later date.

Brioche operation. Operation Douape Adapei du Doubs, scheduled from March 30 to April 5, is postponed to October.

Photo ER / Lionel VADAM

Chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut.- The decision was made on Friday. The Notre-Dame du Haut chapel, in Ronchamp, will no longer welcome the public from Monday March 16 due to coronavirus. "There is a mix of populations in the chapel. It is a question of limiting the risks of transmission", explains Morgane Blant-Boniou, director of the establishment. Employees will be part-time.

After a good start to the year, attendance dropped by almost 50% from the start of March. With the closure of schools, the trend could only get worse. The school audience is very present on the site in April, May and June.

Photo ER / Patricia LOUIS

Bus Optymo.- The Optymo bus network will be disrupted from Monday. All lines will run on the basis of Saturday timetables. For school children, the services are logically abolished.

"The information is subject to change depending on the evolution of the situation," said Optymo.

Haute-Savoureuse.- All activities of the Haute Savoureuse socio-cultural center in Giromagny and of associations using the rooms are canceled until further notice.

In Valentigney.- The city of Valentigney, in addition to closing the schools and the Lou-Bottet crèche, decides to close the gymnasiums and suspend the rental of rooms. In addition, the town's funfair, scheduled for spring, has been postponed. The Maison pour tous ceases its activities and the Social Center only maintains the individual reception of homework assistance.

Sports clubs. The sports leagues cancel all competitions, all age categories combined. Clubs are also asked to suspend training, for young people and adults.

Hospital.- The Nord Franche-Comté hospital announces that the white plan has been triggered. This emergency system makes it possible to put in place exceptional organizational measures to better accommodate patients with Covid-19.

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