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WOODSTOCK, Ontario, March 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amid a world in crises; pandemics, stock market woes, global warming and unaccountable autocrats, Woodstock author Thom Ryerson has recently released his debut CD, and no, it’s not a spoken word affair, it’s way better than that! It really rocks!

Before he became a writer in 2007, Ryerson was jotting down lyrics and singing melodies onto a Radio Shack portable tape recorder. Throughout his educational and working life Ryerson has formed bands and recorded his original music. This debut CD is actually a compilation of his music recorded between 1986 and 2010. Thirteen songs were recorded in a studio setting, while the remaining three were recorded live in concert.

It was while attending a film production course in Thunder Bay that Ryerson formed his first group, ‘The Dead Puppies,’ in 1985. A year later he joined with keyboardist Gerald Seaman to form ‘H-Bloc.’  Next it was ‘Haze’ (1985) and ‘Cosmic Excellerator,’ (1987) both with London guitarist Nick Nosko. Ryerson’s next serious band was ‘Owen,’ which recorded his first vinyl record. This single was given a favorable review in Billboard Magazine in May of 1995. (Slacker Anthem)

Ryerson writes all the lyrics to the songs he sings, while his guitarist writes the music.  Ryerson’s guitarist these days is Stan V. Antone, and the two formed ‘Living in Fear’ in 2000, and ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ in 2010.  Their most recent outfit is called ‘Flesh Under Skin.’

As an author, Ryerson’s most popular fictional works are Castle Lake, Fun City, April’s Call, and The Last Girl on Earth.  The Last Girl On Earth is a young adult novel that takes place just after a pandemic.

As well, Ryerson has just released a vinyl single featuring two tracks from his CD, namely ‘Surreal,’ which was originally recorded with Owen, and is a Nirvana influenced rocker. The single’s B side, ‘Going Down,’ was directly influenced by his love of the British New Wave of the 80’s, and was recorded with H-Bloc. Both the CD and the single are being released through Mouton Music Canada, both physically and digitally. Digitally the music can be purchased at Google Play, i-Tunes, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. It can also be streamed at Pandora Radio, YouTube, Deezer, KKBox, iheartradio and Spotify, as well as many many others.  Physically it can be purchased from Ryerson or his website,

The sixteen tracks on the CD cover all facets of Ryerson’s influences, which include Philip Glass, Marc Almond, Pink Floyd, and Nirvana. The lead track on the CD, ‘Slacker Anthem,’ was favorably reviewed in Billboard Magazine at the time of its original release.  One track dear to Ryerson’s heart is the final one, ‘All I want to do is love you better than anyone else,’ which was only ever recorded live, just once.

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Thom Ryerson & Flesh Under Skin will not be touring, but will be very much available on the internet and by phone to fulfill all and any promotional needs.  All 16 songs from the CD and the 2 from the single can be seen at YouTube.

Nationally renowned artist Ken Nutt of Gallery Stratford had this to say about Thom’s disc, “A great selection of songs! Well written and tightly performed throughout!”

The Rev. Raven Scott said, “You have a talent to put emotions into words with a subtle touch, and also sharply if the subject requires it.”

Gerry McCullough remarked of Thom, “You have an original mind.”

The 7” single has been sent out to 41 Campus Radio Stations in Canada, and 20 in the USA. For your own review copy of Thom Ryerson’s CD, ‘Are We There Yet,’ simply send a request email to with your mailing address, and we will get one out to you. Same if you’d like a copy of the white limited edition vinyl seven inch single. Ryerson’s music is 100% CanCon.

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