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David Gilmour and the Who Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd
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Duo of dreams: David Gilmour and the Who – © All rights reserved

The combination, during an evening, of the power of the Who and the "guitaristic" talent of David Gilmour. It was 1996 in Hyde Park in London.

The return of the Who…

1996 was an important year in the career of the British group. The group finally meets after several years of absence. Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwiste are joined in this tour, by the drummer Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr, who was fortunate enough to have a few drum lessons, as a child, with "uncle" Keith Moon.

A concert at Hyde Park in London is organized to celebrate the group's return to the stage and the start of a new tour during which he will replay the whole of opera-rockQuadrophenia"released in 1973. Tour which will go around the world and stop with us, May 10, 1997 at Forest National in Brussels.

During the Hyde Park concert, the group receives a few guests on stage, including David Gilmour of Pink Floyd who sings the entire title "The Dirty Jobs"from Quadrophenia. A great musical moment …

Not the first Gilmour / Townshend collaboration

Ten years earlier, David Gilmour and Pete Townshend had already had the opportunity to share the stage as part of the promo tour of the guitarist’s solo album "White City: A Novel". Filmed for the German TV show Rockpalast, this concert is now available on CD / DVD. Below the duo Gilmour / Townshend in which the two guitarists take up the classic "Won’t Get Fooled Again"Who.

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