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Pink Floyd What to read, what to watch, what to listen to? The advice of cultural figures from Corrèze – Pink Floyd
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To help occupy themselves, to escape during confinement, personalities offer you books they have devoured, films they have adored, music that transports them.

François David, curator of the Brive Book Fair

His book. The director of the Brive Book Fair chose "the magnificent novel" by Paul Réveilla: Masters and slaves (2018) many of whom made their favorite for Goncourt. The story takes place in China in the second half of the 20th century. A small Chinese peasant from Sichuan province at the foot of the Himalayas, who has a real gift for the Kewei drawing, is spotted by the Chinese regime. He left to study at the Beijing Fine Arts, abandoning his mother, his young wife and their son. A meteoric rise, in a world where submission added to compromise, leads him to the Chinese Communist Party.

His film. The adaptation by Alexandre Arcady (2012) of the magnificent book by Yasmina Kadhra (2008): What the day owes to the night, which takes place in Algeria from 1930 to 1962. A choice dictated by "the emotion felt in this impossible love of Youness, the deep friendship of four carefree young adolescents. Injustice, war, violence, suffering and the poorest are perfectly suited to it. "

His music. "The opportunity is great to find tidy vinyls. The complete Brassens or Brel, but I choose however the symphony n ° 9 called the new world of Anton Dvorak which invites us not to stop at the pessimism of those who say that everything is screwed up, the hope that everything is possible. "

Benjamin André, director of CGR Brive

His movies. Difficult to make a choice for the director of the CGR Brive "loving all cinemas. But to fight against the anxiety atmosphere, I offer films by director Wes Anderson: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise kingdom, Aboard the Darjeeling Limited and for children Fantastic Mr. Fox. Full of gaiety, evasiveness, accuracy in the acting and wacky situations. All that's left is to let yourself be carried. "

His book. "As the confinement is gone to last, we can embark on the saga of J.K Rowling, Harry Potter. Anyone can identify with a character with several possible reading levels."

His music. "The album Illusion by Ibrahim Maalouf which allows us to understand sounds that we are not used to hearing. The mixtures of genres made by this artist from a family rooted in music makes us go through all feelings and especially about openness to others. "

Simon Gillham, president of the CAB, recounts his daily life in confinement: "I started to write a log book"

Christian Signol, writer

His film. The Corrèze writer advises a classic that he looks at each time with the same pleasure: The Sicilian clan, detective film by Henri Verneuil (1969) which brings together Jean Gabin, Lino Ventura and Alain Delon: "I love finding the three actors together."

His books. "A book that I reread regularly, Fall legend by Jim Harrison, the best of the American author. I also recommend a slightly softer reading with A summer for the record by Philippe Delerm. "

His music. "I listen to French singers like Souchon, Cabrel or Sardou, and classical music side, from Mozart. To name just one, I therefore recommend Alain Souchon's latest album, Soul fifties. Pure Souchon that is both light and nostalgic. "

Nathalie Besançon, Deputy Director of the Footprint

His film. The Deputy Director of the Footprint recommends the South Korean film, The Parasite for which Bong Joon Ho won the Palme d'Or at Cannes and 4 Oscars: "I really regretted not having seen him on the big screen. This film sails between drama and comedy, poetry and violence? A great pleasure. "
His book. Nathalie Besançon offers an eco-feminist and American anticipation novel, In the forest by Jean Hegland, published for the first time in 1996 and translated into France in 2017. "This book tells the story of two adolescent girls who, after the death of their parents, survive in a house in the forest, while around 'civilization collapses. They are isolated, there is no more electricity, no more power. This novel questions the relationship between humans and Nature. Compared to our current situation, it is quite disturbing. "
His music. "To give me the catch, I listen a lot Loïc Lantoine and The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra. It’s beautiful, joyful and full of humanity. "

With Louis Garel or Jean-Luc Godard, l'Empreinte (Corrèze) broadcasts an episode of Décaméron every day

Stéphane Canarias, director of Festival production.

His film. Brive Festival director recommends Green Book, American film by Peter Farrelly: "It is based on a true story and received three Oscar in 2018 and in particular that of the best film. This film makes it possible to escape on the roads of the south of the United States at a time when the segregation locked certain men and certain populations into another form of confinement. "

His book. "Here is a book everyone should have read: Camel ride by Théodore Monod. This is the best known book of one of the heroes of the 20th century! For more than 70 years, this scientist, oceanographer by training, has traveled the Sahara Desert on foot, on the back of a dromedary, and has become one of the greatest specialists in these environments, both on flora, flora, geology, archeology, Saharan rock art and especially the men who inhabit these environments hostile. "

His music. To project himself in the middle of summer, Stéphane Canarias published on the Facebook page of the Brive Festival "a compilation" of more than 130 of the biggest hits played on the Festival scene during the last 17 editions. From Francis Cabrel to Orelsan. To listen to on Brive Festival Facebook page.

Hervé Koubi, choreographer

His film. The choreographer recommends Eight and a half by Federico Fellini (1963): "A thought for our Italian friends with this dreamlike film that allows you to get away from it all. "

His book. Mypart of Gaul by Magyd Chersi (2016). A book by the lyricist and singer of Zebda who, in the spring of 1981, had to reconcile his North African origins and his Toulouse experience, his teenage revolts and his desire to pass his baccalaureate. “An echo of my story and the subjects I deal with in my shows and choreographies. "

His music. Hervé Koubi released an old album from the 1970s. "An album that remains unmissable and unclassifiable: Wish you were here by Pink Floyd. Quite long and very planar pieces. "

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